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Accutane At 37



Hi! I am a 37 years old and just started taking accutane (actually the generic Myorisan) 7 days ago. I'm pretty nervous, but am hoping this works! Here's a little of my "skin history."

I've never had SEVERE acne, but I have had persistent moderate acne for my entire adult life. During jr high and high school I definitely had pimples, but nothing more or less than what other kids had. I didn't LOVE my skin, but I didn't hate it, either. About my mid-twenties I started to get more and more breakouts (maybe because I went off birth control for the first time since I was a teenager?). The first time I saw a dermatologist was during the months before my wedding. I wanted my skin to look nice! I was prescribed a couple of topical things - a face wash called Sal-Ac wash, and a mask I can't remember the name of, but looking back I'm pretty sure it was sulfur-based. I was also prescribed penicillin, which I turned out to be allergic to. That course actually worked pretty well! My skin was gorgeous for the wedding, but as soon as I stopped the antibiotic, the bumps came back.

Since then, it has been a constant battle to try to gain control over my face! I've used Pro-Active, the store brand of pro-active, Clinique, expensive washes from an aesthetician (Epionce), microdermabrasion, chemical peels, another antibiotic (another allergic reaction), Lerosett/Gunilla of Sweden (clay mask), Retin-A (made my skin break out so bad I wanted to cry about every morning for 3 months - the "initial breakout" never went away!!!), another antibiotic, Aczone, spironolactone (blood pressure medication)... I'm sure there have been many, many more. Maybe these things would bring me a month or two of hope? But nothing ever, ever lasted. :(

I'm 37 and a professional. It's hard to go into meetings with a face full of bumps - it messes with my confidence! There are always maybe 4-5 SOMEthings happening on my face, and that doesn't count the little bumps that never do anything but are so persistent I don't even count them as somethings anymore. I also get lots of hyper-pigmentation, and because there are always new things forming, it never really gets a chance to fade away. And I absolutely hate makeup. I wear it, but I just hate it.

So, my doctor finally suggested accutane last month. I'm nervous, but I'm not one of those people who's afraid of medicine. I have no intention of getting pregnant ever again in my life, EVER (I have 2 adorable kids already - that's all, thanks!!), so that part doesn't scare me... I just hope it works.

I'm going to keep a journal for the course of my treatment. I want other grown a$$ women out there to know what to expect! When I was looking up information on "adult acne, accutane," there were lots of blogs/journals from 23 year old "adults." Lol. I know technically 23 year olds are adults, but that's not really what I was searching for.

So I just finished my first week on 40mg Myorisan. I started the week with at least 5 bumps on my face (ironically, it's been a relatively good week, skin-wise) - 2 big red ones on each cheek and 3-5 other little red ones. They're all still there - I popped a couple about 3 days in (can't help it) - but they were all smaller. I didn't get any new ones overnight, but they usually crop up during the day, not overnight. Also, like I said before, the never-go-away bumps along my jawbone are in full effect. I wouldn't call my skin "greasy," but it's very shiny. And yes, it's still shiny by my 10:00 bathroom break. :)

At the end of week one, the spots I did have have... have disappeared. And my skin is smooth - can this already be related to the medicine or is it just a strange coinicdence? The little bumps are gone, and they NEVER go ANYWHERE... I mean they've been here for about 3 years. I'm afraid to say anything cause I don't want to jinx myself. ssshhhhhhhh...

Yesterday the dry lips started up, and this morning they are chaaaaaaaapped. And cracking-ish. They're not bleeding, but I want to press them together to keep them intact and have been applying Lypsyl all day. (I'm already a Carmex addict, but my doc recommended Lypsyl and Aquaphor. The Lypsyl was on sale for .99 at Walgreens yesterday, so needless to say I went with that.) My skin feels good, not too dry, and my nose is also fine. My doc said to expect dry lips for sure (check), dry nose probably, and dry skin, but not scarily dry like some posts I've read.

So there it is! It's been a week. I'll keep you posted!


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You are so right about there not being a lot of adults clogging about their accutane experiences. YouTube is the same thing! Good luck - I will be following you. Hopefully you'll add pictures and words of wisdom.

Good Luck

I'm 31 and my acne has made a resurgence since quitting BP in May. My face is too sensitive for topicals as i developed eczema so I am looking into the possibility of doing a low dose accutane course but who knows - my derms can't agree on whether i have plain old acne or perioral dermatitis.

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Feels good to finally find someone in my age range I'm 30 I'm thinking of going on accutane because I'm allergic to benzoil peroxide I also noticed I have dry and cracky joints no arthritis yet, but I'm afraid if I go on accutane I will. Maybe I can try using glucosamine beforehand I don't know anymore:(

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Hi, guys!! I'm glad to find a group of like-minded people! I have some "before" pics to post, but I sure don't feel comfortable posting hideous (I think they're hideous) no-makeup shots of myself... I tried yesterday and just couldn't hit "submit." LOL. Also I'm afraid some people might think my acne wasn't severe enough to even worry about (I knkow many people have worse problems than I do). My acne is moderate but it's PERSISTANT and nothing has worked to keep it away, hence the accutane... I will be writing entries about once a week!! Good luck to you guys, too!!! :)

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Don't be afraid to post. Acne is acne and no matter how little or how much you have, the effects can still be devastating.

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