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About Me



Hello acne.org! My name is Ellie (18), and I have moderate to light acne, probably more on the light side if it weren't for the HORRIBLE hyperpigmentation that ANY pimples leave behind.

Back story:

I inherited extremely oily skin from my mother (yay! not), and acne never really was a problem until a few years ago. Maybe Freshman year, when i would get a pimple every once in a long while, I never treated it properly. I would always load on the makeup or (the horror) try to pop it, making it worse.

By Junior year, I never really tried to treat the little acne I did have, and instead began wearing liquid foundation, a mistake that I regret so so much. The liquid foundation clogged pores, and I got more persistent acne. My solution was to put on more makeup. I'd wind up getting these gigantic pimples that would stay on my face for at least a week.

I began to become more insecure about my face, and finally went to facial cleansers, all of which (surprisingly) dried out my extremely oily skin and made my skin peel really bad.

Throughout all of this, the acne would scar my face. The scars have never faded, and even when I COMPLETELY STOPPED popping pimples, the pimple would still leave a horrible dark scar. So even when the pimple was gone, I didn't feel any better.

Towards the end of senior year, I finally realized that liquid foundation and concealer was not the answer, so stopped wearing them. I would only put on a little bit of powder, so that the scars and occasional pimples were still somewhat hidden. This improved my skin noticeably, but the scars never faded, and I'd still get the horrible oily skin and weekly whiteheads. I felt (and still do) so insecure in my own skin. Facial cleansers weren't working, pimples were always scarring, and scars were seeming to be permanent.

So finally, I am seeking your help. I am looking to share my story with all of you, hoping that I can receive your advice. Some of you have undoubtedly gone through the same circumstances that I am in.

Possible continual causes of my acne:

-Stress levels.... I've always been the type to stress over grades, take four AP classes, and have many extracurriculars. My stress levels have always been high. This summer has been relaxing, but I am moving away to college, and DON'T want bad skin to come with. So that probably stresses me out just as much.

-Hormones.... typical

-Vitamin deficiencies....? I take a daily vitamin with most notably Vitamin A and 800 IU Vitamin D. I have begun to take those twice a day. Sometimes I'll also have Yogurt as a meal, which has again vitamins and such.

Other stuff:

-I've always been active, especially during the school year. I had daily Cheerleading practices, and I would go home and work out some on my own.

-I drink TONS of water. In fact, it is the only thing that I do drink. So its not that I'm not drinking enough water lol. I don't drink soda.

-I do admit to eating junkfood, especially when my skin was really bad, but lately I've been eating salads and fruits. I've cut out most greasy things, but my skin is still as oily as ever.

I don't know if any of you have similar problems, but let me know if you do! Or what you have done to overcome it. Thanks!


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Btw, I am going to a derm in a few weeks, but I'm going on vacation next week, and I would like to know if there are any home remedies that kind of keep the acne down? I've tried honey before, but that never seemed to work.

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I am 39yo now but when I was your age I did the same stuff, at first. My complexion worsened immensely. Then I began seeing a dermatologist and got on birth control, Retin-A and antibiotics. My skin was flawless for years. See a dermatologist. another option is spironolactone or Aldactone as it's known by it's trade name. With a combination of spiro and birth control you can contain it and end breakouts for good. I did it. You can too :) I am sure you will get loads of advice. Choose whatever makes sense for you! There are many different options (accutane for instance).

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Ellie, i definitely second the above poster about consulting a derm. The trial and error process with home remedies can be tedious, trust me.

Good Luck on your quest

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ughh It feels like acne is bad enough and then they have to leave you with a scar ?!! I have so many problems with both and I really like African black soap. If you have'nt heard of it, google it like literally ! It is all organic and cheap ! It helps deep clean the skin and also gets rid of pimples and it has tons of vitamins A and E for scars of uneven skin. Also, grapseed oil or vitamin c serum is good for cell rejuvination and brightening the skin. Hope I helped and good luck !

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