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Was Feeling Great Until...



So the past few weeks I have been feeling better mentally and I guess about my skin. I got some sun and that seemed to help too.

my period was due yesterday and I noticed a few cysts cropping up about 5 days ago..a couple on my chin and on my upper lip AS PER.

But today my skin seems really shitty. I'm trying not to over analyse it again and not look at it as much but its hard. I hate obsessing but I have an insane obsessive personality for god sake.

Is a BCP my only answer? If it was though would I have got clearer months ago with skin care? I ALWAYS break out before a period so I am considering it...but I ain't been on BC for about 4 years and it took me 22 months to get ny natural period back after this. Who knows.


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Honestly, I would just go back on the pill. I recently restarted taking the pill specifically for acne (Ortho Tri-Cyclen). And I skip my periods. I take the pill continuously for 84 days at a time. My doctor has told me this is perfectly safe. I have not had a cyst in so long I can't even remember :) I guess the spiro helps too. Consider a hormonal treatment model? My derm seems to think it's all I need. I take a low dose of doxycyline hyclate for maintenance and pimple avoidance! :lol: Good wishes!

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Stacey, your skin looks good. The only reason i notice the few bumps is because the picture is super close. I would suggest you carefully consider the pros and cons of BCP and think to yourself if you want to go through that cycle again. It's like damned if we do, damned if we don't

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I know, I seriously do not friggin' know Sashca. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, I feel scared to try new things incase of breaking out worse but also I don't think my current regimen is doing it anymore.

I think the main reason I wanna try BCP is because I break out ALWAYS before my period! But then, its finding the right pill.

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