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8 - Day 44 (Pics Included)



Before I start, it seems as though I break out on Sundays haha! Just not my day.

My forehead has improved. Just need to deal with old marks.

My right side had a small outburst of two large pimples, not visible in the photos as they only really protruded this morning.

My left side is breaking out a little but they remain under the skin. Also need to deal with a lot of marks. Really hating this process as I would not usually break out on my face. Usually only my forehead or T-Zone.

One thing I only just noticed is that areas that I play with, as in peel scabs that aren't ready, I will grow a pimple there very shortly. MUST RESIST. Scabs/golden heads = my kryptonite.

Top photos are from Week 5 and bottoms are Week 6 ( - just yesterday. Today my skin has broken out!)

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Hi Shaun Larry,

regardless of your minor breakouts, you can tell that you are still beautiful. I am being totally serious right now. Good luck with your course! :)

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