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6 Months!tips-Tricks-My Expierence!



HElllllooo everyone!! It's nice to finally reveal the results after waiting patiently for 6 months. I can't believe it's been 6 months already. Time flew by really fast. I was looking at my 'before and after' pictures the other day, and i can't tell you enough, i can't believe my skin WAS like that. It's just amazing!! I can't explain it in words, see for your self!!

Ok. I'll dedicate this blog all to those>> NEW<< acne.org " customers". Anyway, so.. as many of you know i'm a teenager. I am 14 years old.( I know i look older) So, when i was about 13 1/2, my first ever horrible pimple decided to appear on my right cheek. It was aweful. it took 2 weeks for it to go down and finally i just popped it cuz doesn't everyone? lol

Around begining of November 2013, my acne became worse, and worse until the point i broke down. At that time, i couldn't do anything about my face. Like seriously! My older sister was like, " okay, we'll order the regimen!" and i was asking questions like " how much?" , "where?" you know, the basics. So my mom bought ukrainian medicine and that worked only for 1 day. It's crazy that im saying this right now, but it worked for 1 day. I tried again the next day but it was useless. So, thats where my research came in.

I went on Youtube, and this girl was talking about how horrible her acne was and how she cured it. She showed some pictures, and those pictures amused me! No joke! So then, she's like " the regimen" Blah Blah, so i went on acne.org and there it was.


So, once we were driving, and i asked my mom if we could ORDER online this acne stuff. To my surprise she said yes. My family doesnt order online so it was kinda shocking.

Anyway, this was January 17,2014 when i ordered the regimen. Exactly 8 days later, Jan 25, 2014 it came! I started at night.

For the first week, i didnt see any difference. the next week, my face started peeling. Like badly. After about 1 month, my forehead started healing. About 3 months in, i started gaining confidence about my face and my body! I started losing weight because i cut out carbs, sugar,meat, and dairy! I ate fruits and vegetables. Eating no meat and chocolate really effected my skin. Dairy is a trouble maker. I never liked milk so that was easy to cut out.

Let me tell you, this journey was hard. You think it was easy to say NO to meat? I loved meat! I never thought I wouldn't eat it for 8 months. It was hard not to eat it when it tempted you so badly. Especially when you rarely go to restaurants and you suddenly go and there is CHINESE. But, i know what i wanted so it was the only way. I don't regret my decision.

After about 4 months, my right cheek became worse because i started eating dairy and carbs like rice. It got bad but it went back to healing. Now, my face is fully healed.

Yes, I do have scars. My right cheek is still visible but they're fading. The scars start fading when acne starts healing. So, trust this because IT works.


Wash your face everyday( 2x a day) I know it gets annoying but you have to work for it.

Drink alot of water. When you drink water, it helps flush the bacteria your body collects when it's system becomes to intoxicated with the junk food you eat and it helps release bacteria from your face, and helps with weight too! Stay hydrated!!

Try to keep hair and hands off your face!! Hair has it's natural oils that get into your pores that can cause a pimple or even a cyst, and hands have a BUNCH of bacteria that you want to avoid getting on your face.



Never leave makeup on for more than 24 hours.

Have patience and be thankful!! http:////dn4iqhjvtt39e.cloudfront.net/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png


To get rid of flaky dry skin, use the Aveeno Daily exfoliating pads. This step is very important!

It Helps ALOT! You won't be as miserable as i was!

Use less Treatment when you are expreiencing major flakyness and when your close to done with your 6 month treatment.

Never skip moisturizing your face! EVER!

After your treatment with The regimen, keep washing your face and moisturizing it!

What Am i going to do Next?

Well, today at night is my last time using the Regimen.

And i'll still be washing my face everyday but with Aveeno face wash and moisturizing. That's about it for now. If anyone ever has questions. Feel free to ask.

God Bless everyone! I hope healing of your face! Keep your head high and be patient!

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.


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Your skin looks amazing!! Great job I wish I could take the regime but unfortunately I'm allergic to bp just remember to continually use it your skin will continue to improve.wonderful results!

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Thank you! That's sad. There are other alternatives instead of BP.I don't know what they are but I know there are, I hope your skin clears. God Bless YOu! :)

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