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Its been a long time. I stopped coming here when the site moved to web 2.0 design. 2010-2011 I spent a lot of time here.

Now, though, there is little to gain for me here. Reading other`s posts just reminds me of my own past and current hardships. There is so much pity, that, as someone else said, when you repeat yoourself over and over it gets old.

The staff tries to keep this a positive place. One of my own negative threads and posts in one thread were removed. I understand that, its a business for the staff.

As for the acne. Considering the scars I got left with, I lost the battle. I think I accepted that part of me, scars and acne and all. I did the accutane, I think its OK to go on a course, but I wouldnt go on it again. Cant speak fo others.

Currently I use Bebe Depigmentation Emulsion, Cleanance K creme from Avene, Eucerin Dermatoclean washing gel (its not even for acne, but it is so mild and soothing). Using clay masks.

Maybe there is hope for you, and you wont come out scarred.


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