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One Battle Won, The War Continues



I'm so sorry!

I haven't written in over a month, and it was intentional. I don't want to write every day or every week when there is nothing interesting

to write about. What I've basically been doing this entire month is calling any dermatologist in my area I could find, and asking how soon I can be seen.

A quick reminder, the dermatologist I was originally referred to refused to see me until September 2nd (It was June when I asked to be seen).

Even though I was extremely distressed and depressed, no exceptions could be made.

A month long battle of frustration and desperation ensued, and finally, today, I emerged victorious.

I had my first appointment with a dermatologist today and guess what:

I am officially registered in the iPLEDGE system. I'm getting Accutane.

I was so afraid it would not go well.

I was afraid my acne wasn't serious enough. I was afraid she'd turn me down.

However, she signed me up without any hesitation.

She noticed right away the amount of visible scarring I have on my face and, of course, assumed emotional scarring as well.

I also informed her that I had tried everything from non-medicated facial washes to topical antibiotics without any improvement.

It's unfortunate that I'm scarred, I know, but it got me what I wanted.

Also, because I need to be on 2 forms of birth control, I am going on the Ortho Tri-Cyclen BP. (She gave me abstinence as an option. I'm a virgin, but who knows what will happen. I want to be safe.)

I can finally start counting the days until clearance.

After 8 long years, I finally have an end date for my acne. I will be realistic and keep in mind that I might relapse, but I know for sure I'm going to have a break. That enough puts me at ease.

I am a month and a half behind schedule, so I will not be clear by the time I am a senior... but I know I'll be clear early enough into it so that it will not hurt my year too much. I'm content. After all, dreams must be fought for. They aren't worthwhile otherwise.

For people following me:


I will blog if and only if there is something new or interesting to say.


Since I'm about to jump on the DRY DRY DRY bandwagon, I want to prepare in advance.

For those of you who are on (or have been on) Accutane, what products do you suggest I buy RIGHT NOW to control the dryness I am sure to experience?


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I would recommend not to do BCP as you will have to eventually come off and that can wreak havoc on your skin.

Good Luck on your course.

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I would recommend not to do BCP as you will have to eventually come off and that can wreak havoc on your skin.

Good Luck on your course.

Thanks for your advice Leelowe. I thought about it more and decided I'm going to go through with the BCP. I have a strong feeling that my acne is hormone related. (Never had regular periods, pretty hairy since a young age, and my acne USED to be strongly correlated with my cycle). I don't know what's going on now, but I pretty much break out daily regardless of it. I did go to my doctors multiple times trying to get tested for PCOS. Once 4 years ago: I got a hormone/blood test and tested out normal. Then once again a month ago. My doctor said he'd refer me to an endocrinologist, but I haven't received any call back yet -_-.

I also want to be safe, because I'm currently seeing a guy. Although we don't have sex, we do some pretty risky things... I do not EVER want to have a child, Accutane or not. I've already decided a long time ago that I have horrible genetics (acne prone, PCOS prone, depression prone, etc), and I'd be doing my children a favor by never having them. I will probably stay on the BCP after the course (but that is yet to be decided).

Lastly, you've been on Accutane 3x from what I remember. Can you recommend me products to use while on the course or direct me to a forum post with recommendations? It would be highly appreciated. :D

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I just started accutane just a little over two weeks ago. Moisturize like crazy even if your not experiencing dryness yet. The way it works is that when I starts to dry out your skin it reacts by over producing sebum creating a feast for your pimples. This is what causes the initial breakout. My face got SO greasy, but just keep moisturizing because it's going to dry out pretty quick after that. I didn't realize how quick it would be for my face to completely dry out! Also, moisturize your body too, because it can dry out your arms and legs and other places. Good luck! Just research all you can about it, and keep a watch on what your body is telling you. :)

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I am on the hormonal treatment route also. Honestly, the Ortho Tri-cyclen has helped my skin a lot. I am also on spironolactone. I plan to stay on Birth controi pills until I am through menopause which is probably about 8 more years. I have never taken accutane but I have read enough accutane blog posts to know you need :aquaphor for your lips, Thats all I know. :(

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