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So, it's been just over two weeks since I started Accutane. So far, the side effects seem to be pretty normal. There are a couple things that I'm not so sure of because they may or may not be completely unrelated.

My skin is defiantly dry. Yesterday I could feel how dehydrated and tight my cheeks and jaw were as I talked. I've got big patches of skin over the zits that are falling off and I've been having a really hard time not picking at them.

I've always had a problem with picking, and I'm for sure not proud of it. I do it before I take my makeup off at the end of the day if I've been stressed out, and I do it when I'm not thinking about it (like when I'm watching TV). I have to ask my boyfriend to come into the bathroom with me while I wash my face so that I'm not as likely to pick until I hurt and hate myself. I've been able to cut down the amount I pick, but this dry flaky skin is very tempting for idle fingers. Keeping my tails trimmed helps.

Aside from the dry skin, my lips are really dry and I have to have something on them at all times. Nivea and Vaseline works pretty good. My joints and muscles hurt sometimes. It's not throughout the day, it's more like I'll get a pang in my elbows, or knee or something. One thing that has been consistent is thus dull pain in my ribs and sternum. Taking deep breaths makes it ache. Stretching helps, but it aches while I do it. Another pain I've been experiencing that I'm not sure of is a sharper pain in my lower abdomen right above my pubic area. It happens after I eat lunch and go pee. It's only been a couple times, and I've had this pain before so I'm really not sure about that one. It goes away pretty quickly. Also, I notice I have at least one strand of hair on me at all times! It's not falling out like crazy, but it is a little more than usual, and I always have one on my arm that makes me itchy. bluahh I hate that feeling!!!

My mood has been all over the place (but this is normal). Stress from work and we have had crazy heat waves in my town that is making myself and everyone around me cranky. I haven't felt really sad or anything this week. More frustrated and angryish. But I think that that's normal due to the heat and the stress from work. My personal life is fine, just my work one I seem to be a little more emotional.

One good side effect is that today is Wednesday, and I haven't washed my hair since Sunday! It's not greasy or nasty at all. I love it!


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eewww...why aren't you washing your hair? eusa_sick.gifbadgrin.gif

Well my scalp is very dry now. Washing it daily would make it worse. Also, there is no need to. It's not dirty. :)

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Lol, it's not "eeew". Those of us on Accutane have no need to wash our hair everyday. No grease! One of the perks of Accutane! :)

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