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Update: Day 7



It's been a week with my new regimen and it's going quite well! An update on what I am using:


A-derma soap free oat cleansing bar


Avene clean-ac hydrating cream


A-derma soap free oat cleansing bar



I am not using any moisuriser after the retin-a, and it's working very well for me so far, and I am less dry and less oily in the morning than what I was when I was using differin. The small flakes I get around my jaw line (where I have had a constant breakout for the last year and lots of red marks) are so thin and easy to remove with just my make-up brush basically.

Forehead: Some congested pores, small pimples here and there; it feels more rough than the rest of my face, but it seems like this is because the blackheads are starting to come out - I know I can extract some of them, but I'm trying to leave my skin alone. I have gotten a large pimple on my temple, my cheek and next to my mouth, but this isn't anything unusual and I'm not considering this an IB. The pimples are different in a sense; less inflamed and they don't hurt - but I also don't see them as "poppable" because they don't come to a head.

Cheeks: More or less the same. My pores look the same but I feel like my skin looks smoother overall, and I am guessing it's the dalacin that is helping with this as I don't think the retin-a or yasmin has started to work yet, although, my pores "feel" a bit swollen in a sense? It seems like the retin-a might have started to do some work deep down there, and that this might become a breakout sooner or later. The dalacin seems to calm my skin down a lot and makes my pimples less inflamed. I really like dalacin, but I hope the retin-a and birth control will work before I have to quit using dalacin.

Jawline: This is my main concern, with lots of inflamed hormonal pimples popping up every other day. They are dying down, though, and I currently have one very inflamed pustule and one less inflamed. I believe there is an improvement from last week, and my makeup goes on much smoother now, so it's not very noticeable after I've applied makeup.

I am currently happy with the progress, but I know it's very early on and I don't know what's waiting for me. I'm posting some photos of my chin from a week ago, today and with makeup today.

Side effects from yasmin: I haven't had that many issues so far with yasmin, and I have a feeling I am not going to have any struggles with it in the future. Around my 2-3rd day I was VERY nauseaous - I felt like I was going to throw up the whole day and I had some stomach aches and a little headache. This passed very quickly and I have felt very good the last days. I am prone to depression so I was a little scared, but surprisingly I have felt more upbeat and happy the last days!


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Mimime, i will be following your log as i am doing a similar regimen in terms of the tretinoin. My acne is complicated by eczema as well so hopefully we'll see if it flares with topicals. I will start once a week the first week and see how it goes. No BCP on this end.

Good Luck

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Thanks! I have eczema as well, and it has in fact flared up the last week - on the side of my face next to my ear! I have a steroid cream I use, but I am a little unsure whether to use it or not in case it mixes with the tretinoin, and it's quite a strong steroid. For some reason my face can handle strong topicals without any problems except some redness but it's crucial I don't get any topicals in contact with my neck, lower cheeks etc, or I'll get into trouble. Good luck to you as well and if you find any solution on how to deal with both acne and eczema, please tell me!

PS: The oat cleansing bar I'm using is great for people with eczema, so is the rest of a-derma's products if you can get them where you live.

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