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5Th Day After Aldactone




I'm 31 years old and been fighting with acne since I was 14 years old. Unfortunately, I have this bad habit picking on my skin that I ended up getting scars around my chick and jaw lines since I was in early 20's. I was able to cover with make-up. I've never went outside without makeup since I was a teenager. It is really frustrated and stressful. I wish I could just peel off my skin and have skin graft or something.

I was on different types of therapies. You name it and I've tried already. From, Minocyline to Accutane, laser treatments, facial peeling and etc. spent thousands of dollars and hundreds on cosmetics. It worked for short period of time, then When I stop the treatment, that stupid acne just came back. When you reach 20's, they call "adult acne." and big cyst I'm getting around my jaw lines and turn out to be scars even though I don't even touch it.

I'm an Asian, carry bad acne genes from my mom & dad ( yes! they love me so so much that they passed on to me), hormonal fluctuation, sensitive and oily skin. I don't even know what type of my skin tone is. I have discoloration, frackles, scars and acne all at once. If someone needed experiment on facial, I'll be the great candidate!!!

Anyway, I'll post more about my boring life story as I get used to this blog.

the main reason I wanted to join Acne.org is that there are millions of people who suffer with acne just like me and if possible, I want to help other people by sharing my story. Also, I want to see what other treatments I can able to use.

At this point, I don't think I can't lose anything.


My doctor decided to start me on Aldactone. He thinks the reason I'm breaking out like no body's business because of my hormone. I have irregular periods and sleep deprivation problem.

I started on Aldactone 50mg daily since 5 days ago. So far, I honestly don't know if this medication is going to help me with my long battle with acne. It seems like it's breaking out more. However, I was reading other people's experience with Aldactone and seems like it takes time and see the result.

I'm going to post some pics and see the progression.

Hopefully, this will be the healer.

crossing my finger~~~


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