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A Question About Layering Products



I was just wondering if what I am doing at the moment is ok; I am currently using dalacin in the morning and after I cleanse my face at night, and then I wait 30 minutes for the dalacin to dry before I apply retin a. Is this ok to do? It is working well for me at the moment, but I was wondering if it is hindering the retin a to do its work (although I feel like everything is working fine)? I wanted to use the dalacin twice a day because in the instructions it says that twice a day makes it more effective.

I am also not using any moisturiser after the retin a, except for around my eyes and mouth (where I tend to get a little dry). Is this also ok? I noticed with the differin that it was more effective without the moisturiser, and so far I have not had any side effects from this, neither is my skin any dry or flaky at all after almost a week with the use of retin a every night. It seems to work for me, does anyone else not apply moisturiser after retin a?

So far everything is going quite well, and I'll update tomorrow with photos after it's been a week on my new regimen! I felt like it didn't make any sense to update every other day because it's not really that interesting to read about everything that is going on with my skin from day to day, so every week should give more interesting updates!

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Ok I have good news. Not only is it okay it is required with tretinoin aka Retin-A, that you wait 30 minutes before applying it to reduce irritation. It is 100% cool. :lol: Peace!

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