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Severe Acne Cured By Kojic Papaya Soap



Hi! Im an Acne survivor from the Philippines. It was the beginning of summer this year, when I started to have mild acne. They started as 3-4 bumps on my forehead. As i wanted to see my face clear then, I changed my soap from dove to a carrot soap (kills acne fast). They just dried up fast but made my face really dry and the few small bumps gradually increases. After a week, because acne persevered, I changed my soap from carrot soap to kojie san (whitening soap and anti-acne but very harsh), that is when I started to feel burning sensation in this region of my face. And I was back again to dove. All burning/stinging and itch subsided. But acne was relentlessly colonizing areas of my face. I decided to see my wonderful dermatologist and I went on Differin 0.1% and Benzac(Benzoyl Peroxide) 5% with Cetaphil cleanser and Doxycycline oral for 14 days with her directions. On my fourth week, it made my acne severe. I stopped it. I had enough with all the side effects like dryness, itch, STINGS like shit and burning. I went through major depression because I've been socially withdrawn. There's no guarantee that i will get cleared up if i continued it up to 3 months. My dermatologist prescribed me tretinoin but i know it will irritate so i did not follow her prescriptions because of what she did to my face. But rather, tried something on my own. You know what, i started using Kojic Papaya soap, a product from Royale Business club here in Philippines which is my cleanser morning and night. And in 2 weeks time, all my pimples dried up like crazy and i see no new growths. I swear! I was overwhelmed with the soap because it's very cheap. It cleared up my acne and it lightens my dark spots/acne scars. Im now pimple free and blemish free. Truly amazing! Kojic papaya soap, a product of Royale is just a holy grail after i failed so many tries. I know it might be new to you but it's worth a try.


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If you can cure your acne with soap, I'd say it was not a serious acne to begin with. Sounds like an advertising for a soap to me but whatever....

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@londoncat8: Of course, it was a serious acne. The last time i visited my Dermatologist who is very good in her expertise in acne but did not cure my acne, diagnosed me with Severe Acne. I posted this because i want to share my terrible experience with acne and how I overcome it and i want to be a help to those acne sufferers who jumped from one dermatologist to another because we all wanted to have a clear and acne free face.

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How about showing us an "after" pic to prove the soap worked. Also, to be honest, I think you stopped using the differin way to early. Retinoids like differin, tretinoin cause an initial worsening in the appearance of your face which clears in 3 months. Your acne is so severe I just don't believe that soap could cure that serious of an infections. You should have stuck with your doctor's prescriptions and you would probably be clear by now. and by the way, Kojic Acid soap can be purchased online at Amazon.com.


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I WISH I had looked at this post before committing myself to buying this most useless soap ever! Keep in mind that this person image is being used insanely on the internet to promote this soap from this company, which also claims to 'cure cancer' *Facepalm*

I say stick with prescription from your Physician!

Buy this soap at your own risk...who knows what they actually added to this!

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south American age 23, indian girl, I purchased this soap at a very reasonable price it looked good so I decided to try it, since I heard papaya lightens skin, my skin was perfect no pimples or blemishes at all it was fair,i starting using the soap and saw it was indeed lightening my skin n I was happy then a month after I started have a few breakouts and my skin became dull and a bit dark I still continued using it until now that I discovered what harm its causing to my skin my entire face is now red and covered with pimples, very disappointed I won't recommend this to anyone it fools u for the first then it takes it effect later

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