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Update Of Sorts...



So I am not entirely sure how I feel about the "Regimen." I felt like the pimples were calming down then BOOM another breakout. Plus, I am getting worse dry skin then I did with Accutane years ago. BUT I am not a quitter and will stick with it for now, at least until my 30 day wAiT is up...OKAY so I just spilled the beans...

If you are following me on my blog you know that I had a derm appointment on Monday. I have been going back and forth about going on a second round of tane knowing that my husband and I so desperately have been trying to conceive AND tane requires birth control. I have been contemplating whether having acne-free skin again was worth the wait of trying to get pregnant. My derm thinks that another round of tane is best for 5-6 months. I was a prime candidate before with NO side effects that were not easily managed- PLUS, it kept me clear almost eight years! SOOO...after a long talk with my hubby and derm, I will be going back on tane. I figure a happier, more confident, "me" is a lot more healthier to conceive than a stressed, depressed, and anti-social one. So I will be taking the next 5-6 months finding "me" again and getting myself back to a healthy state of mind/body. I am excited to be acne-free again and move on with my life.

My 30 day wait is up on August 7. I will update after that time with my very own Accutane story...progress is coming- I can FEEL it!!


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An 8 year reprieve is awesome. I only had success for 2 years on both my courses of accutane. Keep using the regimen though as i didn't see complete clearance and reduction in dryness till the middle of my 3rd month.

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This is great news! I think you made the right choice. You are so blessed to have a supportive spouse who thinks about your well-being and he is lucky to have you. Awww love!!

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