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A Few Thoughts On Natural Remedies



I believe a good diet, natural skin care products with few ingredients, exercise and a holistic approach to combating acne can be a good thing, but I don't believe it is "the cure". People react to different things, and if chocolate, gluten or anything else obviously makes you break out, it is a good idea to eliminate these things from your diet, but I think for a lot of people, big lifestyle changes causes more agony than it does them good. I have a very healthy diet and I always have had, and I have a normal amount of sweets and such a few times a month. When I went gluten and sugar free for 4 months, it made no change in my acne. When I was a vegetarian for 5 months, it made no change. When I started using all natural skin care products, it made no change. And, when I started listening to all of the tips I read online about using all sort of DIY stuff like lemon juice, OCM, salt water, baking soda etc etc, is when my skin decided to go mental. I strongly believe in medicine, and going to a professional; a dermatologist or a doctor who has empirical evidence of what works and what doesn't. This doesn't mean everyone will be cured by BP, tretinoin, antibiotics or anything you can get on prescription, but it is definitely a better choice than to destroy your skin at home with topicals that there are no evidence that works. I just feel sad that I listened to a lot of the advice I got off the internet, and people telling you to keep going with a regimen that obviously isn't doing your skin any favour (OCM is an extremely good example), when I could have gone to a dermatologist a lot earlier and maybe I wouldn't have the scars I have today. I think you could compare this to any homeopath that will tell you they can cure your cancer with natural remedies or sugar pills, when there are other medicines that could benefit you and actually help you instead.

Sorry if I'm offending anyone, but I keep reading about all these remedies and it really does sound too good to be true. When someone writes a review about lemon juice which they have used for 3 weeks with good results, how many of them do you think has continued with using it for the rest of the year? Very few. And when it stops working or they realise it had no effect, there is a very small chance of them updating their review to tell the rest of us it didn't work. Does anyone know any person with perfect skin that uses lemon juice and a salt water mixture every single day, and then do OCM and changes their pillow case and towel every day, and never eats gluten and no sugar etc? I don't. I am sure a lot of these things can help a little, especially in addition to using prescriptions from your dermatologist, but this insane obsession that is going to make it hard to live a normal life is doing us more harm. And I firmly believe that stress is causing acne. The stress I got from not only trying all sorts or natural remedies, but also from disappointing myself when I couldn't manage to live this "perfect" and "clean" life, made me more depressed, which I believe caused me more acne. I am not unclean, I am not eating unhealthy, I am not poisoning myself by not using only natural products; its my hormones and my genetics.

My friends who have perfect skin eat whatever they want, they don't count how many days it has been since they changed their towel or pillow case, they use cheap and simple moisturisers and they don't look in the mirror every other minute to look at their imperfections. They are calm about their skin, and they have not got hormonal issues or "acne genes".

Being unhappy with myself, having low self-esteem and being stressed about my skin 24/7 has made everything worse. I think the obsession a lot of people on here have about their skin is a very evil spiral. I will have to wait and see myself, but letting go of this obsession, trying to live normally, listen to my doctors advice and use the things I have been prescribed, AND starting to love myself again might be a solution. It's obvious that this is genetic and hormonal, so I need to be more aware of what I put on my skin than other people, but I need to calm down. And I need to not try and find all sorts of cheap ways that sounds too good to be true to fight this. And olive oil is for my salad, lemon juice for my tea, sea salt for cooking and baking powder for baking.

Edit: oh my, when I have a lot on my mind and I write fast, my English looks so messy and horrible!


I love love love this post. I am in the throws of yet another natural health kick. I am not using any acne meds and i am juicing and doing an elimination diet and my skin is flawless.....NOT! My skin has been breaking out nine ways to Sunday in inflamed acne and it is getting worse day in and day out! In 2012 i tried using DIY remedies and that made my skin so unbearable that i ended up on accutane for a 3rd time which didn't do diddly squat. I found success with the regimen for a year and then BAM , i developed eczema so my face has become sensitive to many stuff. Going back to my derm on 7/25 for any topical that won't irritate my skin as i can't continue breaking out like this. I hear ya sistah!

Diet and the natural way is not as cut and dry as many make it seem. I would gladly stay on topicals for the rest of my life if it helped me keep my acne at bay.

Good Luck with your regimen. What are you currently using?

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Well, it depends on people and how they react to each remedy. The basic problem that i have felt is that the root cause of acne in every individual is different and no doctor does a detailed diagnosis of the roots of their patient's acne and neither is there any set mechanism to do so.

The problem with the dermatological root is that all tropicals and antibiotics just help dry and treat your present acne, it takes several months to complete the treatment after all the permutation and combinations tried by the doctor. A few months of treatment doesn't seem like a big effort, as these treatments usually works to some extent for mostly all, provided that once treated acne doesn't return which might not always be the case unless you are lucky and grow out of it.

As per my personal experience i have had full courses of dermatological treatments twice over the period of 3 years. Both the times it has taken 6-7 months to treat and then it takes 3-4 months for the acne to return. It has been a cycle. Now, the third time i am on the course, only because i am out of options and the treatment is free.

As, per diet and hygiene goes, there is no significant proof to link it with acne, but since healthy habits do not generally (even though not necessarily) provide any harmful side effect, one may give it a try, after all many people swear by it.

As per natural remedies go, they are highly non-generalized individual cases.

My suggestion would be to see a dermatologist at least once, preferably at an early stage but eventually its all about finding your triggers and avoiding them.

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leelowe1: I'm currently using tretinoin, dalacin (topical antibiotic) and yasmin birth control + mild cleanser, mild moisturiser. Trying to eat healthy more because of my general health rather than acne though, but I'm not obsessing.

I agree with both of you. I don't necessarily mean that going to a dermatologist and trying whatever he or she has to offer is going to cure your acne, nor do I think that it is any harm in trying to eliminate things from your diet or trying out a few natural remedies. I just think a lot of people are wasting precious time where they could have found something that would be more beneficial in the long term, and avoid waiting as long as I did, until I got scars that I now more or less have to accept for the rest of my life because I can't really afford any treatment.

I just really don't want people to believe in everything thats written on the internet, all the reviews (whether it is lemon juice or retin a for that matter) and rather find a safer way to treat your acne, preferably with the help of a professional.

I'm no expert at all, I just felt like writing about this because I really did mess up my skin, and wasted time, with a lot of stuff that isn't supposed to be put on my face, and I'm just sick of obsessing about being "healthy" inside and out, because it's making me so depressed that I can't be perfect with my diet and skincare, and I feel like everyone looks at me and thinks that I must be an unhealthy person since I have acne, when I'm not.

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I have waited so long to find a twin soul who feels the way I do! :lol: I am a somewhat healthy eater, but I'm not gonna lie, I pig out on crap sometimes. I used "natural treatments" all through my 20's, vegan diets etc...etc...My skin was horrible. Now that I am back in the care of a brilliant female dermatologist my skin is nearly zit free. In a three month period I have had 3 zits. Believe me, I stay on top of it. I know everything that is going on with my complexion at any given moment. My regimen?: Here goes:

1. 100 mg spironolactone

2. Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control pills

3. Cephalexin antibiotic

4. Tretinoin 0.1% cream

5. Benzaclin (clindamycin phosphate+ 5% strength benzoyl peroxide)

I am pilled up and drugged up and couldn't be happier. I get compliments on my skin for the first time in 20yrs. I am so happy I could cry. I love modern medicine and I think we should utilize it to the fullest extent possible. :) :) :)

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yayy! :D I'm happy to hear other people have had a similar experience. I'm not dismissing the whole eating healthy thing, everyone should eat as healthy as possible and have a few treats now and then :) I just think it's important to completely get rid of the idea of acne being caused by being unhealthy, dirty or not treating your skin right, because I think most of us have a much better diet and skincare regimen than most people with flawless skin! And that people are more careful when they share tips and try to push people with moderate/severe acne to continue a treatment that will only worsen their condition. In most cases, moderate/severe acne needs to see a professional dermatologist.

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