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Day 1 With New Regimen



Today I got all of my prescriptions; dalacin, airol (0,05% tretinoin) and yasmin birth control. I obviously have very little to write about, but I just applied some dalacin on my broken out areas, and it smells incredibly strong of alcohol! I hope this doesn't irritate my face too much. It had a sponge thing on the tip of the bottle which made it easy to not apply too much, and I also didn't have to touch my which is good. Later tonight I will be using the tretinoin for the first time, and I'm really determined to make it work, but also go slowly to avoid irritation and maybe avoid a massive IB and dry, flakey skin. But I'm prepared for the worst in the upcoming weeks.

From what I understand, since I'm already on a different birth control, I can start yasmin straight away? I have about a week left of the microgynon, but do I have to wait until I've finished it to start yasmin or can I start today as I took my last microgynon pill yesterday?thankful if anyone who knows could inform me about this

Wish me luck!


I've taken the first yasmin pill and I just applied tretinoin. It was surprisingly "dry" to apply although it's a cream, but it did spread out quite well and a pea size was enough to cover my face with a thin layer. My skin looks quite matte with it on, as opposed to the differin which made my face look like shiny plastic. I'll post some photos of what my skin looks like at the moment, particularly the horrible breakout I have on my chin so it's easier to see if I'm doing any progress.


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I am on Ortho Tri-cyclen. Really with BCPs you can start anytime you want, that has been my experience. I am really looking forward to your blog. Sounds like an awesome regimen! You are going to beat acne's a$$!

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I started tonight! After I took the pill I just wanted to take another one straight away to make it work quicker! haha. I guess I need to give all of this time and not expect too much too soon. Thanks for commenting, it feels nice that someone's here with me!

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