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Day 32



...And so I saw my dermatologist. Made a few blood tests as probably it can be the hormonal changes which cause the acne at my age. Will remind you, I'm 23.

The hormones my doc was interested in are testosterone and mammotropic hormone.

And so, of course, my testosterone is higher..tadaaaah!!! So, I was suggested to have a course of hormonal pills but I've been through this already and no huge improvements (besides hormones are still hormones!)

My aunt is a doc and she promised to prescribe a few natural herbal medicines that are less harmful for health than hormones.

The thing is that if you take the pills and STILL have spots than it's definitely not your case, ladies. That's what happened with me. Though, I was taking the pills for quite a long time, the effect was not satisfactory and ..temporary, unfortunately.

Dermalogica is not for me too. Dried out my skin like f***n' Sahara and right now I have to solve one more problem which is dehydrated skin. So, maybe it works but not with everyone as it's very aggressive and the components in the content are "drastic". Welcome to Hopelsessville! Hell, yeah!

BUT on the other hand, I saw the doctor and I know that it can't be some demodex (gush, I really have known more than I can take in this life) which calmed me down.

The dermatologist said that "there's nothing surprising. You're waitng for a result from mass market products". Okay, captain, so, moving on to another brand. Let it be Environ.

And must keep the diet still!!! I was advised to eliminate the meat and salt and then see the effect. Well, meat - no prob but salt....that will be hard, have to say.


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Hey there!

Environ? Hmmm, well, choosing between Environ and Dermalogica I'd rather choose Environ, surely. They have those special supplements, you know? You will see that you can do facials, use home care and take the "magic pills"))) Acne has no chances!!! haha

Need the feedback.

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Well, not everything's so bad. At least, yeah, you know it's not some demodex (hehe) Have heard about Environ but not much. Know it's expensive. Need your report)

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