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2014 Regimen



Two years have passed since my last blog post. Crazy. I never come to this site anymore BUT that is not to say that I don't appreciate everything it offered when I was in need. I found comfort here when I was depressed and feeling isolated, as though I had no hope to cure my severe acne. This community rocks because at minimum you know you are not alone.

My routine has changed as my face has changed. It is very rare for me to get one cystic-type bump on my face now. I break out a little once a month but nothing my routine can't handle. My scars are still there but they don't bother me as much anymore. One acne.org poster advised me to try to accept them instead of hate them. Over time I think they have subsided some and have definitely faded. I wish I didn't have any scars, yes, but I feel ok in my skin now vs. two years ago. Things have gotten better and I don't think I will pursue any surgical procedures.


Morning: I rinse my face with water. I hated people who claimed that this is all they did when I had severe acne! But I've finally come to see that you only need to do what your face needs. In the morning I just need some water. I moisturize with CeraVe if needed.

Daily: Oatmeal face wash in the shower.

Cleanser 1: Ground up oatmeal face wash. I love this stuff and it is so incredibly cheap/easy/simple. How I use it: Blend oats in a food processor so that they are powdery but still have some larger pieces. Store in a small container. In the shower or at the sink I wet about 1.5 teaspoons worth of the oat powder in my hand and massage into my face. Rinse immediately or leave on longer if you prefer. I like how my skin feels clean and moisturized after each use. It feels balanced, not too oily or dry and looks even. On days where I feel like I need extra cleansing power, I add a little bit of CeraVe face wash to the oats.

Cleanser 2 : CeraVe Foaming Facial cleanser

Moisturizer: CeraVe Moisturizing Cream blogentry-142876-0-96937800-1404694126.j

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Hi there I'm loving your progress!

I considered retin-a, my skin right now has broken out in alot of not hundreds of clogged pores. I don't know why, perhaps the weather. Anyway I keep thinking perhaps a retinoid well be my answer and I should lay off the BP.

Did you notice any breaks with the CeraVe moisturiser?

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