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New Regimen



This is my first time posting anything on this website, after browsing it for almost a year after my acne went from mild to moderate. I am mostly writing this for myself to keep track of my progress, but maybe someone is in a similar situation and will find my log helpful.

After having a small breakout due to stress, and after searching online for something that might help, I started doing the oil cleansing method. This literally destroyed my skin and I started getting enormous pustules, more blackheads and my face was covered in small spots all over. And as time went by, I stressed more, which caused more spots and more spots made me depressed and depression made my acne worse. I cleared my biggest breakout with glycolic acid, and I have used differin since December, but I now struggle with hormonal chin acne and I develop spots around my face almost every day, although not as severe, and I also have some shallow scarring on both of my cheeks. My hyperpigmentation has mostly faded.

So, next week I will start a new regimen, as I'm starting to lose hope and I'm incredibly tired of waking up feeling depressed and having to spend time putting concealer and makeup on, only to look slightly better - I still look oily, my spots still show, my skin still flakes, and I still feel ugly and can't enjoy my life - I DON'T want to rely on makeup for the rest of my life, and I'm so DONE with acne ruining my mental health, my social life and my confidence.


23 years old, female

Fair skin

Combination skin - oily t-zone, but in general I have dry skin

Hormonal chin acne + general acne all over + clogged pores

Shallow scarring: 3-4 on left cheek, 2 small + 1 large on right cheek

What I have tried, but hasn't worked:

- Differin (some minor improvements, smoother skin, but still the same breakouts)

- BP (Dried out my skin, didn't improve acne, and gave me tons of hyperpigmentation)

- Duac (helped a little as a spot treatment, but no cure)

- Azealic Acid (no improvement)

- Glycolic acid (smoothed out my skin and breakouts went away faster, but I still broke out as usual)

- Oral antibiotics (didn't help, but I might have taken them wrongly and I didn't use any topicals simultanously)

- Salicylic acid cleansers and spot treatments (dried out my skin, again, I might have used it wrong)

- All sort of over the counter creams and cleansers, both harsh and very mild onces.

- Going gluten free and sugar free (no change whatsoever)

New regimen:


- A-Derma soap-free dermatological bar with oat milk (cleansing)

- Dalacin (topical antibiotic) once a day for maximum 3 months to calm my current breakouts

- Avene Clean-Ac Hydrating Cream (will switch to a lighter moisturiser for daytime when my skin has stabilised)

- Yasmin birth control


- A-Derma soap-free dermatological bar with oat milk (cleansing)

- Retin A (Airol 0.05%)

- Avene Clean-Ac Hydrating Cream

Other daily changes:

- Changing pillow case and towel more often

- Not touch my face at all except when cleansing (maximum cleansing is two times per day)

- No picking whatsoever

- Less makeup, at least no greasy concealer and only light non-comedogenic powder

- Sleep with my hair tied up

- Drink enough water and green tea, general healthy diet with enough fruit and vegetables

- Omega 3 + vitamins

I will update from day one next week, after I get the Yasmin from my GP. Wish me luck!


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