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Makeup And Acne



Do you ever feel like your part of a vicious cycle? Battling with hating your pimples, covering them, and then hating the new breakouts- I have fought this struggle for almost 5 years now. I don't like makeup. At first I did. I thought it would help me feel better. However, washing my face late at night and realizing the problems were still there, worse, and destroying my complexion have been the turning point. The reality of my skin has made me hate makeup. I love doing other people's makeup- in fact I'm quite good at it. But my face has been a lot more complicated.

I have noticed that I have nothing against my features. My lips are always complimented, my eyes are small but at least I can see, and my nose has never really bothered me. I have just lost an appreciation for all of these things because of the acne and scars that have messed up the canvas on which they lay.

Recently. I have been able to ditch the makeup. Even if a label says "non-comedogenic" its probably still not that great for you. the same can be applied to labels claiming "dermatologist recommended, tested, or approved" this is all BS.I actually trust those less because of how annoying derms are. I have tried nearly every foundation, bb and cc cream, primer, setting powder etc on the market. I will say sheer cover was pretty good- my skin never reacted to it, but price and my own thoughts motivate me to not use anything.

In my mind I feel that I can only begin to love my face by showing it to everyone in its true form. hiding it has only made me hate it more.

I really believe that once you have found a cure or have begun to love your face stopping makeup should be the next step. It will allow you and your skin to breathe.

I truly feel liberated and beautiful without makeup these days. it takes time to get used to. It is hard. but I think that regret is unlikely.

On a side note---Don't get me wrong- makeup is super helpful when your skin is preventing you from having a social life! this is just my opinion and my experience. I hope other acne sufferers can soon reach a state where they don't feel the need to hide.



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