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Week 17 - Finally Some Results



I didn't bother posting last week because there just wasn't anything new to say. This week I can finally say that it is starting to look better. The doctor upped his dosage to 80mg, even though he initially said he wouldn't take him up that high. It was getting obvious that he really needed it. I will have his blood drawn this week to make sure everything is still okay. His skin is finally starting to clear up. It's still bad and his back is horrendous, but it is improving.



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Just found your blog, I'm so glad it's finally showing some improvement, I can tell you've both been suffering a lot. It's so unfair to be dealing with all this at such a young age! My acne was severe & cystic and it's finally cleared up, I wanted to suggest you try manuka honey (umf 16+ at least) & ceylon cinnamon as a mask for 30 minutes daily. It's been incredible for me and manuka honey is super healing, it will probably greatly increase the process along with accutane and it should have no problems (consult his doctor either way though!). It's been a month since I started the mask and all my cystic and normal acne went away and the scarring has been improving as well. I miracurously saw changes in a few days, not kidding, after that the changes are more subtle but still there.

Good luck to you guys!

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I never heard of that. I will definitely ask his doctor about it. Do you mix the honey and cinnamon together? If so, what is the ratio?

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I spoke to his doctor. He has never heard of the honey/cinnamon thing, but said it wouldn't hurt to try it. Off to the health food store. Thanks for the advice.

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