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Is Ice The Secret Acne Cure?



Hey everyone!

Being a victim to acne often means constant Google searches for cures- most of the time we seek fast working cures!

I remember having a big family gathering and freaking out the night before because my acne had no mercy. I was covered with breakouts and needed a quick solution. I came across ice for the first time as a solution for acne. This was about 2 years ago. After trying Ice many times I have made some observations and I have come up with a conclusion that could help some of you!

How do I use Ice?

Well it's quite simple.

1)Take ice-cube

2)wrap it in tin foil- this will keep it extra cold

3) then wrap it with a layer of paper towel or some form of towel (you don't want your face to freeze!)

4)place it on the pimple you desire to kill for 10 minutes

and then bam- your acne is supposed to be gone!

Well in reality this treatment is good for 1 thing. It will not reduce the amount of pimples you get in the future. It is not a cure. BUT it does do something great. Ice will flatten a pimple and keep it flat. this takes away any temptation to pick at it- thus in some sense, ice will prevent scars. I used an ice-cube before a party on a HUGE cystic pimple on my chin. about 10 minutes before getting ready for a party i used the ice. that pimple stayed flat eternally and when it healed my skin was back to normal. Nobody could tell I had a planet on my chin! Ice is not going to change the condition of your skin. if you are acne prone ice won't change that. but it will allow your face to look smooth as opposed to bumpy. this is a really big deal for me- because makeup may cover the color of a pimple but if that pimple is 3D it is practically pointless without ice.

I hope you all find this information helpful!



Recommended Comments

Please help me!! I did this two days ago by just placing ice all over my face and the next day it looked less red.. A bit better. Last night I decided to do it again. The problem is that I have some acne on both sides of my cheeks so when I did it again I felt a bit irritated after. This morning I woke up and there's little very very tiny white spots on my cheeks around where the acne is. I guess white heads. I'm scared! I thought ice was suppose to help. I don't want them to turn into pimples!! Do you think they'll go away on their own?? I haven't touched them! They just feel a bit itchy and irritated. Please answer!

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