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Does Changing How You Clean Your Face Help With Acne?



Hello all, I have got a pretty random topic today! I want to talk about how I clean my face and how it has really helped my acne :)

I know we have all heard of the Clarisonic or face brushes in general. I have been using a similar (significantly cheaper) face brush by Olay. I used to be quite skeptical about these types of devices because its of course, not a good idea to over-scrub our skin. This being said, I love cleaning my face with this brush, I can only imagine how great the Clarisonic must be!

I like using the face brush because it really penetrates deeper into my skin cleaning much more effectively. So why is this helpful? Well, with cystic acne the pimple is never at the surface. Using a face brush allows your cleanser to make closer contact with the cyst and ultimately heal it faster.

Beyond cystic acne, face brushes are also great for surface level pimples. I stopped popping my pimples because of this- which means less bleeding, and scarring. I use the face brush with my cleanser and warm water and the pimple is extracted without causing damage to the skin.

All in all I really love and promote face brushes simply because they really do help!

I hope someone out there will find this beneficial!

Best of luck with finding your cure,



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