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Intro + Pre-Tane Appointment



Hello Person Considering Accutane!

I'm going to keep this blog of my 'tane experience.

About me: 25, female, suffering from Yasmin-induced hormonal acne since migraines forced me off the medicine at age 23.

Atralin (.05% tretinoin) worked for a time, but still getting monthly cysts.

Today I went in to get one of such cysts shot up with cortisone, and begged my derm to let me try Accutane. My teary-eyed (passionate, but not depressed!) appeal worked, somewhat to my surprise, and I left with less pee and and a 3/4 inch thick textbook-style guide on how to not get pregnant and have a deformed baby on 'tane, replete with such helpful nuggets as "you can still get pregnant by a man who has had the mumps."

In case you don't know, unless you have a dick or have had your uterus physically removed from your body, you have to do iPledge. Yes, even for lesbians, nuns, and women with their tubes tied. In iPledgeland, there are no nuns or lesbians, only pathologically irresponsible succubi.

So 99% of women taking it have to get one preggo test 30 days in advance, take 2 forms of birth control for a month (I'm marrying a woman in 3 weeks, so I got to put "abstinence" twice...lulz) then come back for preggo test 2 before you can get your script.

Thus begins the 30-day countdown! Hopefully all my other bloodwork (liver, triglycerides) comes back ok so I can do this thing and kick acne's butt. I'm sick of using 800 useless, expensive prescription products, none of which really work. Once this is all over I want to travel the world and camp and hike and do all kinds of things my skin has been holding me back from doing!!


Hi and welcome! Congrats on your engagement! I think lesbians should be exempted from iPledge, although many lesbians bear children so it's a tough call, I'm so serious . I hope the Tane works, it helps a lot of people. Let me get this straight, Yasmin cleared you and then you broke out because you stopped taking it? Or you took it, broke out? Good luck!

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Thanks Leanna! Yasmin gave me absurdly beautiful skin, even though I was in college at the time and living off Ramen noodles and booze and really didn't deserve it. It gave me acne worse than anything I'd ever had before when I went off it though, as I believe it permanently disrupted my hormones. There's a huge thread about acne after coming off birth control...it's one of those things derms somehow fail to mention...

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Guest GetMeTheResults


You know, i feel like Sprintec gave me really bad breakouts, so i just switched to BeYaz.

Do you think it's possible that BC pills may cause acne, even though they are specifically made to cure you from acne and prevent pregnancies?

I think I should get off the pill and just take Accutane. Can I also put abstinence and some other type of birth control, like a condom/sponge just so I won't have to take too many meds?

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I honestly think BC is really bad for you, but that's just my opinion as someone who took them ages 16-23. It's just unnatural to suppress your hormones and ovulation like that, since our bodies do such an intricate dance. I feel MUCH better without them--happier, more athletic, more robust in general. I was much more emotional on birth control, in a bad way. The only bad thing about going off is the acne! If you want to avoid more meds on accutane and you really plan on being abstinent, you don't have to put a 2nd option--abstinence counts for both. If you will not actually be abstinent though, I'd look into the copper IUD. No hormones and it lasts for 10 years or until you take it out! If your doc insists on prescribing the pill though, nothing is stopping you from filling the script and just not taking the pills. Don't get pregnant though!

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