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June 25,2014- Month 5 On The Regimen



Well, well. Who do we have here?

It's been EXACTLY one month since my last blog. Thank God i survived this previous month.

I am happy to say that my acne has stopped. These past couple of days, i haven't been able to use the treatment, or the regimen in general, but i've been washing my face and applying moisturizer, and it proves to me that my acne has stopped. With every day, i see results that my face is clear. It's been a hard journey, but its worth it!!

Last friday, i went camping( like in a tent; no bathroom) and i expected this and it wasn't so hard.

SO! I had to get a tub of water(perhaps a couple liters; 2-3) and wash my face in that water, but i changed it every use. Thank goodness, i didn't break out! So, its possible.

Also, i have only 1 month left or maybe 2 because i still have a full 16 oz. of treatment left so we'll see. But i just wanted to say that this WORKS. It's worth the wait and finance!

Let me tell you that im a teenager!! and there's nothing to worry about. The products I only encountered were Clinique and a couple moinsterizers and walmart brands(clean and clear, neutrogena) and none of them worked!

Also one more thing, eating healthy makes a GREAT inpact on your skin. I stopped eating meat on Dec 2,2013, and it's been 6 months now, soon to be 7, and more fuits and vegetables. If you can, incorporate a RAW VEGAN lifestyle! (it will help)

These things will only work after your 6-month treatment with the regimen. It will only help keep you face clear, but it won't help it clear.. Does that make sense?? I hope it does.

Well, I think that's about for now. As always, questions are always welcome!

Thanks for the support and the time for reading my blogs! Stay Safe, God Bless!

<P.S>.There is a picture i posted above, that i just took today, in case you want to see my progress! Your welcome to!


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I think you should keep using the treatments or your acne will surely return. Just a tip from a 30' something whose been there. ;)

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Did you change your user name? Cause' I saw it was like 'amorolixworxs' something like that. And I think I'll stop because today is 6 months ever since I've used the regimen and my acne has stopped. Read my blog<6 MONTHS>. Thanks for everything! :)

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