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Hormonal Acne Solutions



Hey all!

Having PCOS has caused me to basically rarely have clear skin. I often go through endless cycles of breakouts. I have massive eruptions on my face just before that time of month (not just 1 or 2 small ones- like 6-7 large deep painful cystic bumps). After the time of month I heal and usually get less severe pimples on the way. Then it repeats! Anyways. This being said I have managed to break the cycle of bad skin- for the most part. These days I worry most about scars while using a supplement to keep my acne at bay. My face has improved about 80% compared to what it was! This list will show you what I currently use, what I have tried, and some things that I have heard about. I hope someone out there can benefit from this. Here it goes!

1) DIM- Dindolylmethane. This is my personal favorite for my hormonal acne. This is a vegetable derivative (mostly broccoli). You can take 2 capsules once a day at meal time or 2 twice a day. Near my period I go for two twice a day. DIM is something I started after doing research and finding that almost everyone benefited from it :) I obviously don't know much about the science of DIM but you could easily read up about it! What I do know is that it balances hormones, specifically estrogen. this stuff is incredible for acne. My skin was almost completely clear after using this for about a week!

2) Saw Palmetto- This didn't work for me BUT if you have excess testosterone this will be the supplement for you! I have read so many good things about Saw Palmetto. I was bummed when it didn't work for me but I am sharing it because it could benefit someone else :) it's also pretty inexpensive and widely available!

3) Any adaptogen supplement- Ashwagandha, Asian ginseng, Cordyceps, Guduchi Holy Basil, Licorice, Reishi, Rhodiola, and Schisandra- these are just the most highly regarded adaptogens! Adaptogens are great for people with hormonal acne and stress induced acne. Adaptogens restore the body's homeostasis and deal with stress. Adaptogens have the capacity to stabilize our body's systems; cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine system, musculature, lymphatic system, etc. anyways I'm sure you can find much information online. these are something I still want to try! If I do I will let everyone know how it goes :)

4) Eliminate Stress- easier said then done. This I know. But adaptogens can again help, or even changing your routine with things like yoga, dance, joining clubs, or finding time to be around the things and people you enjoy! also I once read in my Psychology textbook that pets can really take away your stress and so can religion; so if something brings you peace- do it!

5) changing your diet- we all know certain foods can trigger hormonal imbalances so do be careful and find what suits you best. I am not going to be giving much diet advice because this is still one of my own struggles. everyone has different dietary triggers its about knowing your own and finding what makes you look and feel good!

6) eating essential fatty acids- these actually help control your androgen production which can significantly reduce hormonal breakouts. you can try adding flax seed oil, avocados, grape-seed oil, olives, and nuts to your diet. (these are just a few sources of essential fatty acids)

7) vitamins- Some people say having vitamin D has helped their hormonal acne. I don't know how true these claims are but I am sure this is worth a try. Vitamin D, Zinc, K, A, C etc. are all known to be good for our skin. I suggest finding out what you may be deficient in and going from there! I remember a time when I would wake up and have like 12 different supplements. I think a better approach is to work on what actually needs to be fixed instead of over-supplementing and guessing!

I hope these 7 tips can help those suffering with hormonal acne and hormonal conditions entirely. These of course are just SOME of the many ways we can heal our acne!

Best of Luck to everyone,



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