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To Moisturize Or Not?



Hi all!

Quick q for all you experienced Taners - do you moisturize or not? Im dry but not too dry and somehow feel that my skin is better when I dont moisturize but am worried that Im not helping my progress by being too dry. Any words of wisdom?

Thank you!!


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well, in my experience moisturizer is pretty much always a must! I get that being oily is not the goal but starving your skin of moisture usually causes it to over compensate and produce extra oils so if not daily at least 3-4 days a week this is just my own opinion of course based on how my skin reacts

also I just found out "taners" are people using accutane lol I never used accutane. It was prescribed to me but I rejected it. You my friend are brave! That being said- my cousin used accutane. At one point her skin literally looked like the Sahara dessert. Dry and completely cracked. She regretted not moisturizing enough...

I hope this helps!

Good luck and I hope you have great skin after this struggle!


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Thank you v much Mel. Makes sense. I should def moisturize Im sure :) Will start from today

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