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How I Fade My Acne Scars!



If your anything like me- acne scars are stressful. I have tried so many things. Lemons, baking soda, cucumbers, vichy spot treatment, garnier glycolic acid peel for scars, scar fade, coconut oil, tamanu oil, maderma- the list actually goes on. What I have found to be most effective: 2 things AND 2 others that have had some effectiveness for others!

1) Time- No matter what you put on your face those nasty things will fade on their own. sometimes in days, weeks, months, or years. Hardly any scars will last forever. The most frustrating thing is hearing "those are yours to keep" when really solutions do exist.

now for what has seriously accelerated healing and fading scars:

2) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). In advance I will say- I use the pure organic apple cider vinegar by Braggs- I get it from my local GNC. This Sh*t is strong. I use ACV religiously. 2 times a day. I soak a cotton pad with enough to cover my face- emphasizing my cheeks (that's where my scars mostly are). I have been doing this for about 3 weeks and I have already seen significant improvement :) This has been the most effective thing I have ever tried.

Note: I don't dilute my vinegar. It is so strong my eyes literally burn- but it's worth it!

3) For pitted scars you can try- MSM cream. Read this review to know if it may be for you :)! http://thelovevitamin.com/tag/acne-scars/ I will say- This didn't work for me but it might work for someone else. I tried it after that good review online (and the price was encouraging) but again I had no luck.

4) PMD- personal Microderm. If you have a birthday coming up or money to spare- try to get this. This is a decent tool that has helped some people fade their deep acne scars. I use mine once a week and it does a great job removing dead skin. I haven't seen great results from this but IF you are willing to risk it then do your research, get more information and see if it is for you!

For anyone considering laser- give these a try first. You could save a lot of money and pain. I was considering pro fractional laser until I tried ACV and now I feel like I don't need it!

I will give honorable mention to lemons- with time those bad boys work- but ACV is much faster :)

and as a side note- I still have shallow pitted scars on my cheeks but they are not as obvious as they were before- major pitted scars wont fade but any colored scars will. the color has faded and my skin looks normal in most places.

Good luck,



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Adding oils like coconut to the face is dangerous for those who have acne. It can greatly exacerbate the acne. The rest of your advice is sound. I just want to caution people about non-oil free products. Peace! :(

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Thanks leanna, I learned this the hard way! I tried oils simply based on good reviews but I didn't recommend them here simply because I know they were no help at all :)


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That sounds really interesting...I will try vinegar...who knows..thank you very much for the post.

Did you apply SPF creams before going out?

And did it make the skin lighter, how do you think?

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Good Luck!! I hope this works for you too :) I just apply my moisturizer it has no spf but if you think you have sensitive skin then I don't see any reason for you not to use it!
From my experience the skin has lightened- I had three very stubborn spots on my right cheek that don't look like they ever happened!


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