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Day 1



Before I get into my first experience with this I would like to state that I'm only doing at night. in the mornings all I do is wash my face with my soap and then apply the Aloe Vera Gelly by Lily of the Dessert and go on with my day.

Step 1: pre wash with water. not much to say on this, I just found it easier to exfoliate in the next step by using hot water in this step.

Step 2: Charcoal and aloe vera gelly exfoliator. First thing, this gets very messy. before I mix the 2 together I spray the charcoal with a water bottle once its in a container, just 2 o3 sprays. when you mix the aloe vera with the charcoal it wont be dusty when you mix it since its wet. when I did this I wasn't sure if it was exfoliating the first time, so what I will be doing now is mixing sugar with it to get the exfoliation I want. Sugar wont cause acne or get into your pores, and nothing in it cures acne either. this is only used as a scrub by people since it gets the job done as an exfoliator. I then leave it on the skin for 5 minutes and exfoliate it off. when I washed it off I noticed I had such smooth and soft skin. not to mention the charcoal really made it feel clean. This is also messy when it rinses off, it wont stain your sink as long as you wash it off properly.

Step 3: Asepxia soap to wash face. I like this soap so much! it really help when I have acne that I need gone right away. this soap also cleans your face and does what you need.

Step 4: Aztec healing clay with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. this mask is the best! it really pulls out the bacteria from my active acne. If you use this you should know acouple of things.

  1. You WILL breakout at first. BUT DON'T WORRY THATS HOW YOU KNOW ITS WORKING. This mask really pulls everything to surface until it can be pulled out from your pores to the mask. That's how you know its deep cleaning. With that being sad you might read review saying it was bad because people broke out, but if they stuck with it and did a little research they would have known it would have been better in a couple uses.
  2. This doesn't treat acne just helps pull it out. its the "activating" product you use that will help. For example. if you use green tea, the green tea will help the break outs, Lemon juice will heal the acne, help inflammation, and lighten scars, etc.
  3. when you take off the mask you will be red, but that goes away within half an hour or so. This makes makes you feel you pulsations. it even says so on the label.
  4. I find that thin layer is just as good as a think layer, no need to waste product. just make sure you have a nice consistency, not to watery but not to thick.
  5. when you have this you don't want to make a lot of reactions and just do something to wait for it to dry. If you talk, for example, the mask will start to crack when drying, so just try to read a book, watch tv, something quiet.
  6. some people say to have a towel or rag to help take it off(since it does take a while to wash off) but if the layer you applied wasn't to thick, just rubbing with hot water and your hands will do the trick.

Step 5: aloe vera gelly moisturizer im definitely buying this again when I run out!!! I love this so much. I usually have oily skin. and when I applied this last night it was a little tight so I assumed that my oily skin would produce oil to the max. but I didn't have oily skin throughout the night. Not knowing what would happen I used it this morning and I wasn't super oily like I always am.

obviously I haven't seen dramatic results. all I've seen is a couple of whiteheads come up most likely from the charcoal or the Aztec clay or possibly both, but im not to worried about it.

until tomorrow, later !


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why dont you post pics?

All I have at the moment is a webcam and its not very good, quality wise. My acne scars dont show up since I already have a darker complexion and you can only see some of my acne. There's no point if you guys cant see a good before and after. If I had a better worker camera I definitely would have.

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