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Hello, welcome to my new blog. Basically I will share the new skin care routine I will be trying and share whether or not it is helping me.

First I will get into a little backstory on my acne experience. I started breaking out during my spring break of freshman year when I was 14. before I did have one or two at a time, but this was way worse. I came back from break with breakouts literally everywhere on my face. it was al over my cheeks, my chin, my jawline, and along my eyebrows. at that time my family didn't have health insurance so I couldn't see a doctor. I tied anything that was available at the pharmacy, they did help a little, but I still had severe acne. when we did have health insurance, my primary doctor was at a clinic. just with that you can already tell I wasn't going to get great service, and youre right. He prescribed me doxycycline along with clindamycin phosphate. He never told me about the drugs, like how one month on the doxycycline wasn't gonna be all I had to take. and eveytime I went to doctors he gave me a completely different drug and never asked about the last thing I was on. he put me on retinoids, clindamycin, erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide, and kept going back and forth on them.

nothing truly worked until I had better insurance and went to a doctor at the end of my junior year of hs. he had put me on minocycline and a benzoyl peroxide wash and tretinoin and had given me more info. I was suppose to be on it for 3 months and come back for the progress results. I was surprised that I was actually clear. the minocycline worked. I had stopped the tretinoin because it had made my skin sensitive and it was summer so I stopped all together. after those 3 moths the doctor cut the dosage I was on. unfortuantley my acne was coming back. I was then switched to doryx when he refered me to a derm. the derm told me that I should be on doryx for a while too. I just took the pill and hoped for the best. the doryx worked to some extent, and eventually 3 months in my derm also put me on aczone in the am, and adaplene at night along with hydrocortisone. and these to creams at night, I believe, made my acne worse. I knew that it was supposed to give me an initial breakout, and after the period of time I didn't breakout as much, but the thing is that I was still breaking out as usual as if I never took the pills. this had me upset since the initial beakouts (from doryx and from the two creams) gave me a lot of scars all over my face.

I was initially asked whether I wanted to take Accutane(isotretinoin) and I desperately did but my parents wouldn't let me take it. if I could I would be on it now, but I cant.

So now I take no medicine and im hoping that my new skin care regimen will help me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.my next post will talk about what is part of my skin care routine, what they do for the skin, and why I and how I use them. feel free to ask me anything and I will respond to it in my next post so everyone can have an answer.

Later! (also im sorry for any misspellings, I have acouple keys that are sticky!)


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