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Day 120 Accutane



Hey everyone I'm back once again for another update...

Lately I've been waking up and really just been worried about normal things in life instead of my breakouts or oily skin. I can feel my once old self slowly returning. I feel great knowing that I have absolutely no type of acne whatsoever. I can honestly say I am 90 % clear.. the 10 % is just a bit of marks and stuff that'll heal with time but DAMN DOES MY SKIN LOOK AMAZING.

Today was my last day of taking 100 mgs as I go on a trip to Dominican Republic in a week so I want to be off it by then which is perfect because today was my last day of taking accutane, actually feels weird saying that haha. I am extremely proud of myself for going through what I went through on this medicine which wasnt too easy but certainly worth it.

To anyone thinking of taking Accutane, I STRONGLY suggest to go with it and not look back because when you do look back you will already be done with it, thats how fast time flies believe me.

I remember not even being able to look at people straight in the eye because i was so ashamed of my face and the fact that my face has completely cleared up besides those little marks is a miracle.

Like everyone else who took this drug, my only regret is not taking this earlier as a freshman in highschool when I started getting acne.

Anyways very happy with the results and the fact that I will have clear skin for my 19th Birthday feels unreal...

Remember live life to the fullest and have absolutely no regrets.

Until next time followers, Peace.

Acne Instagram: Accutaner27 (Feel free to leave some feedback)


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