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Here I begin.

Blogging my acne journey which I probably should have done a while back.

I'm 22, had acne for about two years or so. What a nightmare!! I never thought that hitting 20+ would change who I am drastically.

I started getting acne through a period of what I thought was stress, leaving a terrible job into a new career, a family member diagnosed with cancer and BOOM, suddenly I look like a totally different person with not so nice skin anymore!!

Visits to the doctor regularly, topical creams prescribed, antibiotics administered- still no clear up even after 6 months. So, I decided to start sunbedding. Probably not the wisest of ideas but I was looking like Casper and I could have done with a bronzed tone.

No change. Acne still present. Spots mainly appearing daily, painful cyst like lumps along my jawline and just completely feeling distraught at the fact that nothing would help.

And then the scars appeared.

It's a vicious cycle, upsetting me daily, trying everything possible to help my face look better.

At the time I had the contraceptive implant placed into my right arm- over a period of 3 years with having my first one from 17, I never had spots. My second one was replaced when I hit 20 and I pretty much persisted with it and blamed this for my acne. I've had it removed now since last October and still no change.

Blogging is my only hope of keeping myself sane because whenever I get a flare up, I feel completely distraught. Even my friends comment on how 'bad' my skin looks at times. I know they don't mean it personally but sometimes it takes someone to know what you're feeling like to actually understand.

Maybe it's not a bad thing to others, but to me- it's made me know for certain you can never judge a book by it's cover.

I'd be lying if I said my skin didn't affect my personal and social life because in effect it does. I barely go out with friends, I try not to have photos unless I have good coverage makeup on, and it sometimes leaves me feeling insecure.

Overall, accepting acne is something I've come to terms with.


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