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Day 49 - Beginning Of Week 8



Today starts week 8! Yay for perseverance!

On thursday of last week, so, 4 days ago, I began taking peppermint oil to try to help my oily skin. I've read many things about people drinking spearmint and peppermint tea and how it acts as an anti-androgen and thus helps keep oil production in check. Lots of people have had success with the teas and so I thought I'd try the oil (I hate tea). It's said that a therapeutic grade peppermint oil, in one drop, is as powerful as 24 cups of tea. So, I've been putting one to two drops of oil in a glass of water and drinking it twice daily. Honestly, I feel like I noticed a difference after the first night. I still am getting a bit shiny but that disgusting oily feeling is gone! I'm still not head-over-heals amazed yet, just because I'm scared it's a placebo affect. However, I am keeping it up to see where it will take me.

My previous breakout is nearly completely healed. I had two new pimples come up which I popped and cleaned this morning so hopefully they will be going away soon. Small ones though, not the big, underground ones I got last week. Thankfully.

My right side is 95% clear, forehead is 95% clear, chin is clear, I just have those two pimples on my left side. So, pretty good! I feel like redness may be down as well but that would make sense since my big breakout is also calming.

Four more weeks until the three month mark. I can totally do this.


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