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Day 1 Of 90



So, I finally went to the dermatologist yesterday. All of the OTC products just weren't doing it for me. Plus, I wasn't as compliant as I should have been. But since it's prescribed I will likely be consistent this time, hopefully - it's all psychological.

I'm actually really excited! And praying that this fixes this acne nightmare, especially with me being 24 years old. So, I have the following:

Doxycyline 100mg twice a day

Duac/Benzaclin in the morning

Retin-A at night

As far as facial cleanser I am using CeraVe Hydrating cleanser and CeraVe AM facial moisturizer. I started the regimen this morning and I've been in the mirror like ALL day!

I've also decided to better my eating and exercise habits: adding more antioxidants and omega 3, drinking way more water. I am going to try and transition to all whole wheat. I've changed my cooking oil to ALA omega 3 oil. I have nothing but water to drink in my place. I am soooooo ready to see some change.

Anyone used the same or a similar regimen? Well wish me luck!

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I have used the same exact regimen for the past three years with great success. This year I added a few things: spironolactone and ortho-tri-cyclen. Good luck. Keep us updated! Your derm has all her (Or his) bases covered!

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