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Day 8



Huh...Got a bit upset with the reports on the internet about this Dermalogica.

Seems, like, yeah..there's no universal product that helps (all of the beauticians I called were like "ohh, it's so good! the clients love it!) But will make a facial first, talk to a cosmetologist and after make conclusions.

You speak about diets? Maybe I really should. I've never killed my body with junk food, you know..I don't smoke (if you do, you may forget about good skin - this is sure). ALCOHOL. This is something which causes problems. Did you know that among all the alcohols the most dangerous is...tadadada...drums...CHAMPAGNE!!! :-D


So, about the diet. I was sufing on the internet a lot...and the majority speaks about eliminating:

1) milk

2) cheese (expecially, those blue cheeses)

3) coffee

So, rabbits, eat fruits, vegetables, drink fresh juices, lots of water* (it's really important) ...I'm gone to prepare my healthy lunch!

*have read somewhere that you should not just drink water glass by glass but make a few sips but during ALL THE DAY, constantly. In this case, water stays in the organism for longer, the skin is supple, smooth and healthy.


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