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Day 45 - Middle Of Week 7



I'm slowly approaching the two month mark! I'm so proud of myself for being patient and faithful to my regimen, even though I'm not yet seeing amazing results. I expect this, I know retin A can take a long time to work. The thing is, I never know when the results are going to start showing up as it's different for everyone. From what I've read, some people get over the week 8 hump and things just clear up! For others, it takes them beyond 6 months to really be satisfied.

Anyways, I'm approaching the point in which I could possibly start clearing up. Medical websites say 8-12 weeks for results and next week is week 8. Yippee!

I had a pretty good breakout this week. Large pimples too, not just the little whiteheads. A big one on my left cheek near my nostrils, a big, underground pimple by my right nostril and a large whitehead (group of whiteheads) just underneath that. I also got an under the skin pimple on my chin and a large whitehead on my forehead. I have been able to pop and clean out 4 of the 5 monsters. The one on my right nostril does not want to come to a head. Even so, I gently prick it with a sterile needle and give it a little squeeze until some blood comes out. Then I slap on a hydrocolloid bandage and when I wake up the next morning, it has drawn up some pus (I know, sick nasty). So I am slowly taking care of that.

Not to be extremely disgusting, but these were some juicy ones. For real.

I do still breakout about once a week with one or two good skin days in between. This has probably been the biggest breakout I've had since week 2-3. Maybe that means it's really starting to dig out the deepest gunk. Idk, that's really just hopeful thinking.

My skin is still super oily and I'm thinking of trying out some peppermint essential oils to help balance things. For high grade oils, one drop is equivalent to, like, 24 cups of tea, and since so many have success drinking mint teas, I feel the oils will be even more successful. The good thing is, I don't necessarily have to put it on my face (and risk irritation). I can apply it to specific points on my body such as my ankles or wrists, or even ingest it (therapeutic grade only). Worth a shot since birth control no longer keeps me balanced (boo).

I'm kind of waiting until month three to start seeing results. After 3 months on birth control, I just cleared up beautifully. I know retin a and birth control don't have anything in common, but since 3 months is always a good judge on when acne treatments are supposed to start working, and since it took 3 months last time, I'm hoping and thinking it may be the same. We will see!


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