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A Voiceless Girl Because Of Acne



Hi....i'm singer303...and i'm a voiceless girl....because of acne. My acne is usually moderate to severe i have pimples in both of my cheeks and also on my forehead and in my chin...well it's easy to say that my whole face is covered in acne but not just my face also my back, chest and almost everywhere!..it also has red acne scars...and it hurts...not physically but also mentally and emotionally. No one can really understand how it feels like to have acne...we can cuz we've been there already. Whenever i walk in the park people will usually look at my face and be like'oh god she has a lot of acne' look and i just don't mind it but suddenly an old women came up to me and she said to me 'oh myy dear child! You have a lot of pimples!' Then boom! I lost it! I just ran home and locked my door and cried silently the whole day..it hurts sooo much! And now it's the first day of school again i tried to be positive and optimistic so that my day will start nice but even though i try to ignore i just can't! Kids will be like 'hey you have a lot of pimples!!' And i'll just look at them and walk away....then i came a across Grades 8,9&10 and they all gave me a 'oh *h*t she has a lot of pimples now! What the heck happened??' Look but i just smiled at them....it's hard not to cry infront of them but you gotta stay strong right? Soo people knew me as a girl with alot of pimples...but i know some people who knew me as a girl who was bright....happy....and optimistic....and playful....but only some people knew....i'm part of a choir so people also knew me as a girl who can sing atleast it's not just the girl with freakin' pimples they also knew me as a musician...i can play the piano and the guitar i can compose music...i was ok with it i just need to be confident with myself....i know that i'm talented and smart so i don't really mind the looks but i know to myself that i'am beautiful because God made me...i guess acne was just a simple life trial for me to be strong....i know i'm strong but not strong enough...i'm human too you know? We're all human....it hurts it really hurts....my friend told me somethin' but she said 'please don't be mad when i tell you this ok? This was a secret' and i was like 'ok' and she told me the whole grade 10 boys told her that 'oh her voice is really beautiful but not her face filled with acne' and i was like tearing up but i stopped it i don't want people to see me cry and so i told my friend 'i dont really care' ...so that's what the guys think about me?.......I'M UGLY BECAUSE OF MY PIMPLES?!?!?!....MY ACNE?!? And i was like because of my freakin' acne my life got worse!! Why do people describe people with acne ugly?! I'm like what the heck's wrong with you people now?! So what if we have acne?! It doesn't mean that if we ignore what you people are saying to us doesnt mean we don't get affected!! It doesn't mean we dont get hurt by what you said!! Can you please be sensitive you heartless bastards!! Look i'm trying my best not breakdown but all you do is tryin' to make stumble and fall! How aboit you!! If you have acne what would you feel!?! Huh?!? It hurts for us all of US we just don't let you see it cause we don't wanna be weak in your eyes!! And someday when we grow out of our acne stage....i bet you'll be regretting every single thing you've said to us......Now i have been conscious with my looks because of what people are saying to me....i've tried everything makeup, products, treatments and several dermatologists...but i believe that i'll go through this.....we'll show them right? And once we're all out of that stage we will be beautiful ion the inside but also on the outside too.....i'll always believe that there's a great ending for us.....people might beg for us because we became beautiful and handsome...but tip guys if i were you i wouldn't accept them...because they only look at your looks what if you have acne again? Will they still like you? Talk to you? Care for you?.....but for now while i'm still in the healing stage.....i'll stay voiceless for awhile until the right time....it will come.. just believe.


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What a remarkable young lady you are. I suffered with acne really severely in my teens. I am 39 now. Acne is well controlled by medications, finally! Don't give up on clearing your acne though:


Ortho Tri-cyclen




Whatever you choose, stick with it for 3-4 months. It can take that long to get clear. Accutane is always an option too.

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Don't wait until you get rid of your acne to show them how beautiful you are. Do it right now !!! I do myself suffer of sever acne and every morning when I look at myself I'm wondering what people think of me when they look at my face. Then I tell myself : It may be severe now, but it will get better and it could be worst. If you smile and don't care or even pretend not to care about your acne, trust me people will do the same. It may be difficult or impossible sometimes, but you need try. If you feel bad or disgusted about your acne, people are gonna feel bad and disgusted about it too. That's what I tell myself everyday, and I guess it works cause even if I still have acne, I feel better about myself !!

Hope it's gonna help you, and if not, keep in mind that there's a lot of people in the same situation, so your not alone !!!! :) xxx

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Guest GetMeTheResults


As leanna said, get on Ortho and spiro... You'll be good in no time and you'll never even have to think about such things, I promise you.

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Thank you for all your comments it really does help...and i now know that i'm not alone facing this kind of horrible situation :) well i'm just 14 year old girl with dreams of being a singer and musician...i know some people might put me down (even if its the whole school) because of my face but i know i'll get through this..i have a voice and someday i'll be ready to use it....i hope soo...i know this too much for me to take i just wanna live a normal life being happy and not caring about how i look but i know i'll get through this....Thank you :)

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I'm glad you're voicing your feelings out somewhere. It needed to be done. I'm in the exact same boat as you. I do everything I can to hide my acne... not just with make up.. but with all my talents and my personality. I sing, I draw, and I'm considered pretty smart. But just like you... it's not enough. Doesn't matter how much you PRETEND to be happy with yourself... if you're not happy, then you're not happy. We need to attack the problem directly so we can finally see the light. I think we need to do whatever it takes for us to get rid of acne, and the first step is to admit to someone that it bothers us.

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