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Roaccutane Journey | Days 1-10 (With Progress Pictures)



I've decided to add a blog which I will try to keep up to date. Having tried all different kinds of medications, diets, cleansers and remedies over the past 18 years, I got myself referred to a dermatologist. There was a lot of waiting for an initial consultation, and then for blood test results, but I was eventually prescribed isotretinoin.

I don't suffer from acne as much as others may do, but still enough to give me low self-esteem, and those "F*** it! I'm not leaving the house today" feelings.

I'm on 30mg a day for the next two months, before returning to the dermatologist to check my progress.

I absolutely hate taking 'selfies', but not as much as I hate other people seeing photos of my face. However, I figured it might help me feel a bit more pro-active if I posted daily photos on my progress with roaccutane. Go easy on me.

START - Saturday 31st May

Took first pills this evening (30mg). It begins.

DAY 1 - Sunday 1st June

A couple more whiteheads, potentially caused be excessive drumming yesterday.

DAY 2 - Monday 2nd June

Larger pimples beginning to appear around jawline. Possibly caused by even more drumming yesterday.

DAY 3 - Tuesday 3rd June

Redness. Oily skin over face. More pimples starting to appear. Feels greasy and irritable. One right on the bridge/brow hurts a bit.

DAY 4 - Wednesday 4th June

Less red forehead. Pimples not so painful. Look quite oily/shiny. Feels a little tighter than usual. Lips a little dryer today

DAY 5 - Thursday 5th June

Here we go then. Initial breakout begins. Lots of whiteheads on the chin. Embarrassing and uncomfortable.

DAY 6 - Friday 6th June

Breakout worsens. More whiteheads. Painful and irritating.

DAY 7 - Saturday 7th June

Worst day ever. EVER. Painful and incredibly irritable. Probably not helped by the fact I sat in traffic, in the heat, for an extra 2 hours.

DAY 8 - Sunday 8th June

Totally unmotivated today. No need to get up and do anything, so I didn't

DAY 9 - Monday 9th June

Perhaps not as many whiteheads as yesterday, but still painful. And crusty... :/ Beginning to get itchy too. Must stop looking in mirror…

DAY 10 - Tuesday 10th June

Looking rough. A little more motivated than yesterday.

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Hi Dave! I just read your comment on my post! Keep your head up it does get better! During my first few weeks I didn't leave the house and even cried a few times after looking in the mirror. I am going on my second month and I have seen so much improvement! Waking up with a bunch of white heads was the worse, but that also will stop with time! Remember it is 6months of hell for a lifetime of clear skin! It will be worth it! I wish I had photos of my sister pre accuatane and now post accutane. It is amazing!

Thanks for the support. Strangely enough, after posting these pictures, the days have gotten progressively better. I'm now at a point where things appear to be slightly better than before I started. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse again. Thanks again. I'll post photos in a couple of days of my day 11-20 update :)

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