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Accutane Round 2!

Didn't think I'd be back here, but here I am. I deleted my old account even, so this one's new.

Nice to meet you. To start off, I am 20/F/115lbs.

This week I will be starting my 2nd course of Isotretinoin. Woo.

Before starting Isotretinoin, my acne was moderate-severe how I looked at it. I woke up every morning and the first thing I would think about was how my acne was going to look for the day. I would get cysts and whiteheads mainly and would wake up with a different spot everyday. It was such a dang pain. I had done it all, topicals, antibiotics, birth control pills, etc. To no avail, I then went on Isotretinoin from March 2013- August 2013. The 1st month I took 30 mg, 2nd-4th month: 60 mg, 5th & 6th month, 80 mg). Couple months down the road acne free, I started getting a pimple here and there, then a couple more to the point where it bothered me and I didn't mind jumping back onto the accutane bus.

My first course went by OK. I definitely had a bad initial breakout and stuck it out, without any prednisone or antibiotics to calm it down. The cystic ones from the IB definitely let me with the majority of the scars left over. Luckily they weren't deep scars or anything and they're not too noticeable now. I remember the texture of my hair changing (but this may have been from the Spironolactone and Ortho-Tri-Cyclen courses I had been on in the past)... My hair is much thinner now and will shed a good amount. I don't wanna start balding when I'm 30! I also remember my pores expanding and my nose being a cactus from the gunk pushing out of 'em, so I definitely hope I don't experience similar symptoms. I was pretty oily before starting my first course, my oils vanished towards the end of the course, but after being off it for a month, the oils did come back gradually.

Although my acne isn't as bad as it was, I'm afraid of my acne coming back and going back to my sappy self. I can already feel myself being more inclined to staying in rather than going out and I don't want to go back to being how I was when I had bad acne and low self-esteem. Acne really does change how you feel, how you act, and who you are in my opinion. It's a disease no one should have to deal with.

Anyway, my derm is starting me off with 30 mg again and gave me a 7-day course of Bactrim, for just in case I get an IB.

Hoping the second course will treat me for good. So my derm says, the second course usually does take care of it with more success, so I will take her word.

Sorry for writing so much- I didn't wanna leave anything out and thank you for reading!


Thanks for sharing. I am on the regimen you were on previously. I take 100mg spironolactone and Ortho Tri-cyclen. For me, its working. I hope I don't lose any hair. :( Good luck with another round of the tane!

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Thanks for sharing. I am on the regimen you were on previously. I take 100mg spironolactone and Ortho Tri-cyclen. For me, its working. I hope I don't lose any hair. sad.png Good luck with another round of the tane!

Thanks for reading! Good luck on spiro and OTC. I did have improvement with that treatment, but as soon as I got off, the acne returned. I had a lot of hair to begin with. And thick hair. After OTC, I went on yaz bc and honestly it may have been the birth control that made my hair texture take a 180. I went from thick and a lot of hair to thinner finer and more shedding. :/ I always wanted thin hair as a child because all the pretty girls had thin fine hair. But now I'm taking that statement back. I hope you don't lose any! If you start, I'd get off the med ASAP.

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Just picked up my prescription... I'm a bit frustrated too.

I was planning on getting Absorica, since I heard it absorbs better and my derm's office gave me a $10 coupon for it. Turns out UHC doesn't cover it at all and the coupon's max benefit is $800. The 30-day supply is $953 from CVS.

Anyway, I picked up Claravis instead for $20. Which really isn't that bad, but I've just been a cheap about getting this drug because my previous course, I ended up paying $55 per month ugh.

I did some research and called a few pharmacies- so you're welcome in advance. :P

For Absoria 30mg/30 pills without insurance the cost would be:

Walmart- $881
Kroger- $966
CVS- $953
Target- $973
Looks like Walmart is the cheapest by a good amount, but this is absurd to me. Why should any drug cost THIS much without insurance?
Why do they need to make treating acne this difficult?

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My skin is pretty much clear. No active breakouts woo!

Lips are chapped and the area around my mouth is dry.

Products I've been using and enjoying:

1) Cerave foaming cleanser

2) Cerave moisturizing facial lotion

3) Vaseline Rosy lips-- bought this on a whim and I love it! it's got the best scent ever

4) Burt's bees lip balm- I have always loved this stuff. It even helps on dry, chapped skin too!

I've got some slight achilles tendon pain when I walk around.. but I noticed this my 1st round of accutane too. I just hope it goes away or doesn't worsen.

I am almost thinking if I should even continue my accutane course. The dermatologist appointments and blood work are going to be inconvenient to maintain when I start school next month.

Has anyone had any success with stopping their 2nd round of accutane after it cleared them up?

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I jinxed myself when I said I had no new actives. The following day, I got two big pimples!! :( and today, I popped them both. One was relatively easy, the other was a small cyst- you know, the one that'll come out with a little bit of pus, but you know that there's still more in there and it's still sore feeling? I kept squeezing it with 1 finger and a q-tip and BAM! mirror splattering sebum plug and pus on my mirror. I know it's gross... but it was so satisfying.

I'm so frustrated about my derm. She had to cancel my Tuesday appt, then today's rescheduled appt due to an emergency. I seriously am getting stressed out about it because now since I'm at my college town, it's an 1:10 hr drive back to her office. She literally sees me for less than 5 minutes so I don't see why I need to come in, so I told the nurse to see if she could just approve me for my next prescription.

Crossing my fingers!

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Done with Month 2 of 30 mg.

On to Month 3 of 60 mg.

Is it weird that my insurance only covers 10mg zenatane capsules, so I will be having to take 6/day? My nurse made a big big deal about how that was a lot, but it's still the same dosage as 3, 30mg pills so I don't see how it could hurt.

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