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Day 32



I'm in my fifth week of treatment. Of course, I am still breaking out some. HOWEVER! My breakouts now consist only of small whiteheads, 80% not even inflamed. I have two inflamed pimples, one that is still forming on my chin and one on my forehead that should be in recovery. Even so, they are not near as big or painful or long lasting as my breakout during week 2 and 3. Other than that I have, I think, 3 tiny little non-inflammed whiteheads that I'm just leaving alone and they should be gone in a day or two.

Overall, my skin is clearer and smoother with Retin A .05% gel. Breakouts are MUCH smaller, as in the severity of each individual pimple is much less (from papules and pustules to whiteheads and clogged pores), and I believe they heal faster as a result. I do have an unmentionable amount of PIH left on my face and, as tempted as I am to add in a new product to fade them, I don't want to upset the balance of my regimen so I'm not going to. In fact, my Clarisonic and the Retin A are both working to exfoliate those away so I don't want to get too aggressive. That's my downfall.

So, this week is a breakout but it's so minor that I'm more grateful than discouraged. I'm seeing improvement and get so excited every night when it's time to apply Retin A because I know that's just one day closer to perfect skin. I cannot wait until August/September, 6 months in, to see how far I've come :)

If you're just now checking in, this is my regimen:

  • Wash with Cerave Foaming Cleanser in AM (and apply Cerave moisturizer only when needed)
  • Wash off makeup with Cerave Foaming Cleanser in PM
  • Rinse
  • Use Clarisonic Mia with normal head brush with Cerave Foaming Cleanser
  • Wait 15-30 minutes then apply Retin A

I should also note that the extreme oilies I had last week are more balanced this week. I'm still a bit oily but I no longer feel the nastiness on my face. YAY!

Have a fantastic weekend ya'll!

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Have you thought of possibly expanding your regimen to include perhaps an antibiotic? Also spironolactone along with Ortho tri-cyclen birth control pills clear acne in 88% of women.

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