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Day 238--One Month To Go!



My dosage has been increased to 60mg for the last 45 days of treatment. I've been on the 60mg for 11 days now, and I haven't had any increased side effects or anything. Just one month at the high dose to really nip this nightmare in the bud.

Tomorrow marks one month left of treatment. My face has been clear since my post weeks back. I only have one pimple to report, and it was my own fault.. I found this tiny little whitehead (not a pimple, it was not red or inflammatory). Just a little whitehead that no one else even knew existed. And I decided to try extracting it. Apparently all I did was irritate it because it swelled and turned red. It wasn't quite a pimple because it never came to a head or anything. It just swelled and then dried up. It's still a light red mark on my left cheek, but that's ok. Aside from this moment of weakness, I've been really good about not picking (mostly because there is nothing to pick at!!).

I am so grateful to be waking up everyday to clear skin. Like I've said before, it's still not perfect. I have the hyperpigmentation spots that are still fading. I have heard that once you get off of Accutane the spots really go away quickly. Accutane supposedly slows down your body's ability to heal itself.


A random side effect I'v been experiencing is my hands have been so sensitive to friction. I mean if I mop/sweep for 5 minutes, my hands are convered in blisters. It's really gross.

One more side effect-- my face flushes really easily. Like if I'm even slightly embarrased, I can feel my face turn bright red and hot. I know other people can see it too because I've seen it happen in the mirror.

I went to the beach last weekend. Since I know my face can burn with just about 10-15 minutes in the sun, I applied SPF 70 in the morning, and again around midday. I also wore a ball cap. And I did not burn at all :)

I'm a runner, but I've been doing all of my running on a treadmill recently to avoid the sun exposure. It will be nice to finally be able to run outside again.. although I don't know if I'll still want to come July!


Cool! I am clear too. Feels nice doesn't it? You definitely cherish every moment like washing your face and feeling that smoothness is so relaxing. Being acne free is very relaxing :)

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I am the exact same way when it comes to the face flushing very easily and feeling hot! People point out that my face turns red instantly...even if I'm just laughing my face becomes flushed instantly.

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