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Day 38



Haven't been able to update since I've been traveling and I've been kinda busy. But my face has sorta been clearing up. I went to the dermatologist a little over a week ago and he bumped me up to 80mg of Zenatane. Haven't really gotten any new side effects, except my lips are even more chapped, and I'm getting really dry skin around the corners of my lips. It's so annoying, it makes me look like I ate some powdered donuts and didn't wipe my face.

I also got really sunburned because I went on an 18 hr road trip and my AC went out so I was driving with my arm out the window. Skin is peeling really bad right now. I also think my dry skin is happening because I'm in Florida atm which is a lot dryer than my home state, plus the saltwater may also contribute to that. But my acne is a bit more controllable now, the few breakouts I have are due to bad diet (have been eating a lot of shit food) but at least I'm not breaking out like I was a month ago.

My dermatologist said my face has cleared up since he last saw me and he said that this will probably be my last month on it. Hopefully he's right, but I'm having a feeling that I'll probably have to do at least 1 more. I've just got 9 yrs worth of scarring and while the accutane is lessening the pigmentation of my scars, I feel that it will take more than just 60 days to get rid of the damage.

Well once I get back home I'm gonna start running again because I need to lose like 20 lbs so I'm hoping that will clear up my skin a bit. I was looking though some pictures from 4 years ago and my face is sooo much better since then, which is weird because I got called gross by some random girl at the grocery store.

Anyway I'll try to do regular updates, it's just annoying since I have no internet connection and I can only post from my phone (which has limited data)


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