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Day 11



Im in a rush to take Bo to the vet so I will have to make it quick.

Today was my first full day of work since my acne has gone crazy! It was ok. I told everyone in my class about accutane. I work in a school for children with motor disabilities called CECO and today was the last day (aka class pictures). I explained why I didn't want to be the photo and everyone tried to make me feel better and talk me into it, but no.

Yesterday was the first time I cried. Broke down in the car otw back from walking challenge. Luckily Bo was at the door to greet me which made things better. Who can be sad when your 6 month old baby is trying to give you kisses?

Small amounts of hair still falling out. Woke up this morning with more white heads. Less than the pass two mornings though. Lips are killing me. Showers are amazing. The steam and water makes my skin feel like it is normal again.

Not much has changed as of yesterday.... so here is a picture of my baby Bo. When I first got him at the rescue and now.

P.S. I apologize for the poor writing and grammar. Rushing.


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Love your dog! I told a lot of my coworkers that I am on Accutane and it definitely made me feel better. I was very embarrassed during my initial breakout and did not want to go to work, and did not want to tell anyone about Accutane. I work at a hospital and I talk to ALOT of people all day long. But, I found that when I told people what I was going through, I realized more and more people have gone through the same Accutane journey. More people have taken Accutane than I ever thought before. And of all those people that have been on Accutane, there skin looks great! So, stay strong. You are only in the beginning stage and it will get better! It's a roller-coaster ride at first, but you'll see results in the coming months!

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Thank you! I always look forward to hearing from you! Gives me hope =)

I am currently on 30mg and I feel as though my initial breakout is coming to an end. I have a feeling my dermatologist is going to up my dosage in a few weeks. Did you ever get your dosage increased? And if so, did you experience another breakout from it?

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