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They Still Haven't Approved My Refill!



Day 63 on Bactrim... and I might have to go back to Day 1 all over again..

So my skin's doing pretty well. Every now and then I'll get a cyst and a few pimples but it's nothing too bad. I finally finished finals so hopefully my skin can recuperate haha

Alright so what's really making me freak out is that last week I noticed that I only had about a week's worth of Bactrim left, so I called my pharmacy to get a refill and they said that they would need my doctor's approval, and that they could do that themselves. So, I let them.

Finally ran out today, and I'd been getting calls saying that my prescription was ready so I said "alright time to go pick them up!" Well I pick up the medication, head home, and realize it's my other prescription, Diamox! [Now, I'm going to see my ophthalmologist on the 30th, and judging by the fact that I've gone from 6 pills a day to just 1, he might end up telling me that I don't have to take it anymore... so that sucks...]

Anyways, I head back to the pharmacy and I tell the pharmacist that I meant to pick up another prescription, and what do you know?? They're still waiting for approval from the doctor!!

I call my derm, and guess what it's Sunday so they're not open!! And so, by the looks of it I'll be skipping Bactrim for a few days, and I'm just freaking out that my acne's going to come back and really bad, because I think that's what happened with Ziamox - I ask for a refill and they tell me they're going to ask for my doctor's approval, my prescription runs out before my refill's come in, I go about a week without taking anything, they tell me the doctor still hasn't approved my refill, and after I finally get my refill and have taken it for about 2 months it does nothing.. sad.png

(P.S. Is it just me or are a bunch of images and emoticons on these posts suddenly really huge???)


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It's not just you darling, those are HUGE!!! My doctors are pretty good about keeping me stocked on refills. I usually get 6 months at a time. I only see my dermatologist twice a year. Next time ask for enough refills to make it to your next appointment. That only sounds reasonable.

What, no pics? I hope you continue healing.

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Lol oh gosh all I did was type a sad face! I don't know why it has to get so huge!!!! Haha

Yeah, it's my mistake, really. During my last appointment she had asked if I needed refills and I said that I had enough.. of course I was wrong :/ Just right now I got a call telling me that my doc finally approved my refill and that my meds were ready for pickup, but they were regular strength rather than double :/ But I guess that's better than nothing.

Anyway, yeah I was too lazy to take pics haha but thank you :,)

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