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Day 224--Still Clear!



Today is Day 224 of Accutane. I'm getting ready to jump into my last month. I've been just about 100% clear for a month or so. I think I had one pimple in the past month, but it healed quickly.

I've become a pro at combatting the dryness. I know that I cannot wash my face in the morning or my makeup gets all dry and flaky at midday. I have to wash (preferably oil cleanse) at night and apply a heavy moisturizer. Sometimes I even mix my foundation with lotion, which makes it apply so nicely on those dreadfully dry days :)

I'm really so happy and grateful that my skin is finally clear. My hyperpigmentation spots are slowly healing. I can't wait for them to be gone! Hopefully there isn't much true "scarring" behind it all.

Lately I've been feeling really great. No headaches, joint aching seems to have subsided. I've been taking glucosamine, although not regularly. Also drinking plenty of water, and getting in some extra electrolytes, which has been making a world of difference.

If you're on Accutane and not seeing the results yet, just hang in there. It's so worth it. For the first time since high school, I am beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin. I will probably cry with joy when i've finally swallowed my last pill.

If you're going through Hell, keep going!


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