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Setbacks|New Regimen

My skin this week has broken out severely,

pretty much in the space of a few days my cheeks are covered in spots and my face is sore to touch.

I have been using aloe vera to soothe the inflammations ect. And this seems to be working as I feel and see a difference in my skin compared to yesterday.

I dont think retin a, among the several other products ive been piling on, is working for me. And I have seen some people say it takes a few months of bad skin hen clear skin will emerge but I feel as though I should be seeing some signs of progress. My skin is getting worse and I am feeling worse about it so I am calling it quits.

I think because my skin has been exposed to so much over the years, its sort of developed its own sensitivity. Because a lot of products, even if they are medicated, irritate my skin. So far the only things that havent are cetaphil face wash and aloe vera gel (it seems).

I have just purchased the cetaphil moisturiser which I am going to be using on my face at night time only. And the garnier exfoliator once a week, for now. Also, going to implement vitamin c serum and egg white masks into my routine -slowly. Has anyone used any of these? What was the results?

I'm trying to take a more simplistic approach to my skin, and hoping that the less chemicals ect I put on it, the better. Also, going to keep an eye on my diet as I did have eggs/cheese through the past weeks so starting to think the link between dairy and acne may be applicable to me.

Exams are done so hopefully this means less stress and therefore less hormonal acne? And maybe I will have the time to cook healthier food options. I heard berries are really good antioxidants for the skin so I will try to drink a smoothie as often as possible (i hate fruit).

Cant take any pics of my face as it looks tragic, worse than the previous pics (which i feel like deleting) and my face is very sore and red so I dont even want to look in the mirror lol.

Will see how this goes, hopefully skin clears up soon as I really want to start wearing my makeup but I dont want to put foundation ect over my skin in this state.

Feel like its 1 step forwards and ten steps back with this clear skin journey.

Anyone experience similiar? Any tips? just anything? comment or message me. thai xo

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I recommend you start an oral antibiotic like cephalexin or amoxicillin as you can take high doses with few side effects. Since your skin is so sensitive I recommend topical clindamycin gel or lotion. It is an antibiotic that is very mild and actually moisturizing. Acne is a progressive illness. It gets worse if untreated. The infections become more numerous and the potential for scarring increases. Other options are Ortho Tri-cyclen and spironolactone. Hormonal acne can be managed. I have seen a marked improvement in my skin. The regimen I have recommended contains no harsh chemicals. Your skin will remain soft and smooth. Good luck! Peace! :)

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