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Acne Cysts

Hi, I am a 14 year old girl with acne. I had my first breakout at around the age of 12-just a couple pimples on my nose. There has been redness in that area ever since. My acne has been getting progressively worse. I have pimples on my forehead, my chin, and my cheeks. I am so embarrassed. In October (ish), I got a bump on my cheek about an inch under my eye. I though nothing of it, considering that I had gotten one a week ago and it disappeared just as quickly. However, it stayed. By late November I realized I had to do something about it. (I have tried everything for acne-EVERYTHING-nothing works) But this was embarrassing. People asked me what it was-at church, at school. They asked me why I didn't do anything to get rid of it. I wanted to scream and say "I'M TRYING TO DO SOMETHING! SHUT UP!" The reality of it is, unless you have cysts or major acne, no one understands how hard it is. There are times where I have just broken down and cried because of the stupid inch-long swelled bump on my face. It especially gets to me when girls at school go, "Ugh I wish my face would just clear up." And they have a tiny pimple on their nose, and that's it. My entire face is covered with pimples and a cyst. Recently I have tried apple cider vinegar and it seems to be helping the pimples but not the cyst. I am planning to go to a dermatologist. I have some questions - will a cortisone injection get rid of the cyst? Or is there a minor surgery that they can do to get rid of it? In a month or so I'm flying out to my family in another state and I really want my cyst to be gone by then. Acne is understandable but most people find it weird and disgusting that you have such a huge swelling on your face. Is there any way, with cortisone injections, surgery, or anything else that may possibly get rid of my cyst in less than a month? If you have ever experienced this please help me. Thank you.

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cortisone will be the only thing that will help you in less than a month probably, for long term you want accutane but being that your 14 I find it hard to believe you have tried everything, actually you basically havent tried anything since you havent been to the derm. For people like us who actually have the acne bug and not just a pimple here and there we need prescription medicine. There are several topicals you can try, several antiobiotics, several diets(avoid milk, cheese, ice cream and dairy in general, its the #1 acne food) but I tried all of this from age 17 to 24 and nothing worked long term so I tried the one treatment that works for everything, accutane...if nothing works for you get this and it will clear you garenteed...the reason not everyone like this treatment is it gets worse the first few months then you get clear forever...you also get side effects like dry skin/scalp ect. But Im finally just about clear and wish I took tane aloooong time ago. Good luck! Message me if you got questions

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