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About A Month



Well, I said I was going to post a picture in my gallery, but I keep forgetting...but I will soon!

Quick update:

face: cysts are almost completely gone. Have around 3-4 little tiny pimples that aren't too noticeable (easily covered with makeup), so I am not too worried about them. However, I do have about 10 acne scars from all of my cysts. They are slowwwwwwly going away. I mean SLOWLY. I have had acne scars before...and on my sensitive/pale face they take around 3 or so months to fully go away.

back: have around 5-6 zits right now (I broke out again randomly this past week), but they are healing now...just have to wait till they go away. Have a few hyperpigmentation marks on my back too :/ But I feel like the marks on my back aren't as noticeable and hopefully people just think they are freckles. I can't wait until my back is completely clear, I really want to wear backless things again! Keeping my fingers crossed that the BP keeps working.

Chest (?): yeah, I didn't have any acne here before, but I randomly got around 2-3 zits the other day, 2 of them went away by the next day, but I still have one big one. I really don't know what this was from...


Still hoping for the best I guess.

Routine: spot treating with BP on face (2.5%), 10% all over back, and spot treatment of BP on chest. face wash- Neutrogena daily scrub. moisturize twice a day with Neutrogena for combination skin. off the Bactrim still (woops). birth control hasn't broken me out really (good sign!).

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