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Day 3-7 Week 1 With Pictures



Hey guys, my name is Sika and I am going to blog about my acne journey with acne.org. First, let me give you a brief background. I never have had severe acne, just mild to moderate. My acne started in college with stress, eating bad and bad sleep habits. It was never a big problem though because I started on birth control and that controlled it at the time. It got bad when I became addicted to drugs and have struggled with it since. I am two and a half years sober now and still dealing with acne. Birth control has helped a lot but with recent health insurance changes, I had to switch to a new birth control two times and that made my acne worse than it has ever been. So I have been to the dermatologist who prescribed me epiduo and antibiotics. That helped a little but mostly just made my face drier than hell and did not clear up everything. I also have tried almost every acne product out there from high end expensive to drug store, none of it working. So here I am.. Hopeless and desperate. Acne has made me lose self esteem, it makes me not want to face the world without loads of makeup on and that is just not ok. I found out about acne.org through YouTube videos all giving it rave reviews with before and after pictures that were believable. So here is my progress through week one on acne.org. I seriously hope this is my solution! I am using the five step system all acne.org products: cleanse, treatment, moisturizer with AHA as a spot treatment during the day, at night I cleanse, treat, and mix half AHA and moisturizer. I had been using benzoyl peroxide for several months before in the epiduo so that is why I went for the AHA right away, plus I am very impatient.

Day 1 and 2 no real progress made good or bad. Things just seemed to be the same.

Day 3.... Still breaking out, but they are smaller and come to a head quicker and healing faster than normal. Breakouts on cheek, jawline and chin (hormonal), with 5-6 pimples on my left cheek, 5-6 on my right cheek, 2 on my forehead and 3 on my jawline, so around 15 total. My jawline and neck are extremely dry, red, peeling and itchy. Used AHA at night for the first time mixed with moisturizer and then used as a spot treatment.

Day 4..... Pimples all have heads to them and only two new pimples by my mouth. My neck is still extremely dry and my face is getting tight. I popped four big pimples on my left cheek, ugh, oh well, I had to.

Day 5..... One new pimple on right cheek, very big. I popped two on my right cheek as well. There is a cluster of 3 pimples near my mouth. The pimples I popped last night are surprisingly healing and I think the AHA did that. Neck is still very dry and face is tight but not dry or flaky. I picked at a couple more pimples at night :( no more spots came up though! Treatment and moisturizer seem to burn a little.

Day 6..... I popped two more pimples on my right cheek and still a little pimple on my left cheek. There are no new spots though! Hallelujah !!!!!!! My neck is not as dry and my face is still a little tight. My old pimples are starting to dry up and heal. It honestly looks a lot better !

Day 7, 1 week completed! I woke up this morning and my face looks soooooo much better!!!! Yay! I feel relief that this might actually be working! My old pimples are healing really nicely and currently only have three pimples total. That is 12 less than a week ago! Um, hello! The old pimples that are healing have dry, flaky skin around the but the rest of my face is not dry and my neck is no longer dry.

So that is where I am at right now. I have another dermatologist Appointment Friday next week. If things keep going the way they are though, I might actually cancel my derm appointment! That is saying a lot. I am feeling a lot better emotionally about the way my skin looks and wore less makeup than I normally wear today. I will update this blog on the two week mark with updates from each day (I am making a "acne" journal). They say that there might be another breakout during the second week which I pray to God doesn't happen! But I will let y'all know.. Anyways, I hope this helps one other person going through what I am going through because I know it is extremely hard and we need that support just like any other crisis in life. Best of luck, y'all ! Talk to you soon. I do not know why the pictures are upside down lol, but I will try to add pictures every week for progress.


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