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Things Finally Seem To Be Getting Better



Day 49 on Bactrim. It's been a month since my last update, and I've got some things to say!

First off, the reason I haven't posted in a month is because I've been really busy with school, and so my face was the least of my worries. However, I can still say that my acne has improved quite a bit.

I remember mentioning on a previous post that I wasn't sure if Bactrim was working, and that I wanted to change things up, but a few of you users told me to just keep at it. Well, about 2 weeks after I made that post, my skin started showing signs of clearing up! I'd wash my face and it didn't feel as rough and bumpy as before. My cysts weren't randomly stinging during the day. I didn't have to apply as much makeup to cover acne (or so, I didn't feel the need to cover as much). Overall, I just felt a lot better.

Yesterday I saw my derm. She asked how the acne was, and I told her that I actually felt my face had improved since the last time I'd seen her. She agreed, saying most of what I had on my face was just hyperpigmentation, and yeah still a few cysts, but overall it wasn't as bad as last time. The nurse came in, gave me some cortisone injections, a 50% peel, and sent me on my way.

Oh yeah, I'm still cleansing with the Cetaphil antibacterial soap and applying Clindamycin and Epiduo.

Alrighty, time to get back to my paper. Just one more week of classes left, and then, finals!

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AAHHH, finals week! I remember it like it was yesterday....Law School was the most challenging time of my life. My whole grade was riding on one final blue book exam. Hell!! Everything you have heard about lawschool being hellish is true. I think it may even be worse. I graduated though .College was a breeze for me. I majored in history, enjoyed myself and learned a lot.

P.S. I like your regimen, it is very comprehensive. I'm in a different place now using hormonal treatments as the hallmark of my regimen. Good luck!

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