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10 Months On Plus Makeup And Skincare




So not much new to report this month, skin still doing great, love doing my make up again and really looking forward to summer. Scars are really healing well now, my redness is pretty much gone and a couple of indented scars are filling out well as my skin heals and the redness goes, I'm not gonna say it will be perfect but it looks pretty much just like normal skin, and I'm hoping the next year will even things out even more, as I've heard it take up to 2 years for scarring to heal. I'm pretty happy with things and my routine and I feel now that I can plan things as I know my skin isn't going to get in the way. Time really does heal, and I wish I could go back and tell myself that and that checking my skin every two minutes isn't going to make it heal any quicker!

Anyways since I don't have much to report on the skincare from I thought I would list some skincare and makeup products that have helped and that I use currently

In terms of skincare

My go to cleanser is Elemis lime blossom balancing cream cleanser, gentle, soap free, does not break me out and calms down any redness. I take my make up off with this and if I have a lot on I will double cleanse with this, or use a nice warm wash cloth to take off the cleanser for a deeper cleanse

Every few days I will use Priori Gentle Lactic acid aha cleanser, it is a milky looking fluid and once I have removed my make up I will apply this to a damp face and massage for a few minutes, or to a dry clean face for an extra bit of exfoliation, it has no beads in it, is gentle and really brightens up my complexion, but I wouldn't;t say for every day use if you have slightly dry or sensitive skin

I don't use a toner, I just make sure my cleanser gets all my make up off, most toners have harsh ingredients and to be honest if you cleanse well I don't think it is needed to be honest most toners just dried out my skin.

On days or nights when I am giving my skin a break from acne products I will spray some avene therma spring water on my face and let it sit/absorb for a minute then apply my moisturiser, Avene light moisturising lotion spf 20, or at night my E45 cream. For extra protection or on dry skin days I will use my Olay regenerist spf 30 cream instead of the avene

When using my differin at night, I will follow the routine above and let my moisturiser (e45 at night) sit for at least a good hour or more and then apply my differin, usually once a week I will apply the differn on clean skin before I moisturise and only moisturise where I need it to. I also apply remescar silicone stick to my skin right before I go to bed, only where I had my bad break out, I also use it during the day if I will be out in the sun as it has added UVA and B protection, sun exposure is the worst thing for red marks!

I like to do an Amazonian clay mask once a week, mixed with water as apple cider vinegar irritates my skin.

During the day I apply my salicylic acid serum to clean skin, let it sink in then apply my day time moisturiser, then it is on to primer and makeup.

I love the Borjois range and I use their Light serum primer, it is silky smooth and keeps my make in place all day

I then apply borjois healthy mix foundation, with a touch of borjois bb bronzing cream mixed in (now that the sun has come out a bit) I just use clean fingers when I am in a rush or my real techniques brush for fuller coverage (always clean my brushes everyday before I use them). On nights or days out I will use Estee Lauder double wear light instead of the healthy mix, it is fuller coverage and last much longer. I find using my buffing brush with this works much better than fingers.

For concealer under eyes and highlighting I use my clinqiue perfect touch and I will use Seventeen 18 hour concealer or Make up for ever concealer for any redness.

Powder is always Jane Iredale mineral pressed powder, love it, not cakey, nice natural coverage, I will just buff this where I need to on set my make up a bit more or on my oilier areas and touch ups during the day.

For bronzer and conture I've been using too face chocolate bronzer, no breakouts and it is a nice buildable colour.

Blush is a variety of things, right now I am using illamasque, I use my real techniques blush brush then blend out with their small kabuki brush to make it look more natural, sometimes I use the borjois bb bronzing cream on my cheek bones as it gives a nice dewy finish and good alternative to blush. Occasionally I will use a little highlighter cream just at the tops of my cheek bones, just a tiny dab.

I usually do most of this before I do my eye make up, which is pretty minimal during the day, sometimes I will do my eyes before I finish with my power, bronzer and blush.

I always take my make up off when I come home or if I am not going out anywhere, when exercising I always remove my make up. I like to let my skin breath and none of the products above are too heavy, well except the double wear but that is only for special occasions, and I only add extra cover where it is really need to avoid any overload. I've has no breakouts of problems with any of the products above, but I think this is also down to good skincare as well.

As always I take dianette and use differin as my prescribed treatments, I also take a vitamin C soluble supplements and vitamin B soluble supplement, which helps to boost energy and stop sugar being converted into toxin in the skin ( not sure how true this is, but I feel like it does give me a boost and stops my cravings). I watch my sugar in take during the week and eat a balanced diet, exercise also helps

I'm just rambling on, it's more for me to look back and keep track of what is helping my skin just now, but If it helps anyone else that it is great. I am also on the look out for a good face sunscreen, preferably spf 30 or higher for my holiday is anyone can recommend?



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